Web Design Weekly #213


The Cost of Frameworks

Paul Lewis sure did spark some #HotDrama this week. Paul’s article focuses on the cost of modern frameworks on mobile devices. I’m not picking sides but two posts that stood out which are worth reading are Tom Dale and Dave Rupert’s. (aerotwist.com)

The State of Front-End Dev (alistapart.com)

Foundation 6 is here!

It’s been a long but incredibly rewarding journey, and we’re absolutely thrilled to share with you the best version of Foundation yet. Faster, lighter, more versatile, more flexible and more powerful than ever before to get your projects from Prototype to Production. (zurb.com)


Tips for Creating and Exporting Better SVGs for the Web

Another epic article by Sara Soueidan that explores ways to improve your day-to-day SVG workflow. (sarasoueidan.com)

DOM Tips and Techniques

In this post Louis Lazaris discusses a number of different DOM features that can be used to manipulate HTML, with a specific focus on parent, child and sibling node relationships. (sitepoint.com)

Writing CSS on Growing Teams

If you are solo developer that needs to work with a team then this short article by Susan Robertson offers some solid advice to make sure everything stays on track. (alistapart.com)

Anatomy of a large Angular application

Kristian Poslek gives some good advice on designing a solid architecture of a large Angular application. (medium.com)

What even is Vanilla JS these days? (ianfeather.co.uk)

No UI is the New UI (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Visual Regression Testing with PhantomCSS

Visual regression testing CSS has been around for a while now but this has to be one of the best easy to follow guides I have read. Throughout the guide Jon Bellah explains why you should invest the time to set it up, how to and some handy tricks. (css-tricks.com)


Nudge is an opinionated library that detects misuse of certain CSS selectors and gives developers a subtle nudge to fix them. Mistakes and incorrect usage get highlighted in the UI to give developers instant feedback. (github.com)

Loading Web Fonts with the Web Font Loader

Robin Rendle gives a brief overview about the current state of loading custom fonts and explains how to implement the Web Font Loader technique within your site to give your users a better experience. (css-tricks.com)

Animaticons – Beautiful, customizable animated GIF icons (animaticons.co)

Static Website Generators Reviewed (smashingmagazine.com)

Performance Tips for Node.js Applications (nginx.com)


All Chrome Dev Summit Talks – 2015 (youtube.com)

Webstock 2016 lineup released (webstock.org.nz)


FreshBooks – Visual Designer

We’re looking for someone with a bold sense of design and a passion for creating exceptional visual experiences that can effectively persuade customers to try new products. The balance between on demand requests and longer-term projects requires a multi-tasker who is comfortable executing in a “roll up your sleeves” team setting. (freshbooks.com)

Campaign Monitor – Product Designer

We’re looking for a Product Designer who shares our vision for designing beautiful software that thousands of people people love to use. We’re looking for someone with a strong understanding of interaction design, and knows how to apply that to directly drive product growth. We’re hoping that might be you. (campaignmonitor.com)

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Last but not least…

Google+ goes completely responsive on a 60k budget

The Google+ plus team managed to merge two different versions of their website into one lean fully responsive site whilst keeping the page weight under 60k. One large aspect of hitting this target was utilising JS and CSS frameworks that built modularity and lazy loading in from the beginning. (developers.google.com)

I Turned Off JavaScript for a Whole Week and It Was Glorious (wired.com)