Web Design Weekly #212


My first Service Worker

Jeremy Keith shares his process, code and gotchas during his first experience creating a ServceWorker. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of these posts in the next few months due the the fact ServiceWorkers are awesome! (adactio.com)

WordPress Now Powers 25 Percent of Websites (ma.tt)

Calibre • Stop guessing, start tracking

Continuous website quality and performance software. Without a doubt, the best tool for keeping your site’s performance on track. Start your trial today. (calibreapp.com)


How I Work with Color

Justin Mezzell shares some of the tools and tricks he typically utilises when it comes to colour grading his work. (medium.com)

How Our CSS Framework Helps Enforce Accessibility

A great post by Ian McBurnie from eBay that looks at how they tackle accessibility. Awesome to see big companies taking the time to share this knowledge. (ebaytechblog.com)

The New Favicon

The last few years we have seen SVG be a main focus of web development and in this post Craig Hockenberry walks through the process of making an SVG favicon. (iconfactory.com)

PSA: don’t use gradient generators

A nice little reminder by Ana Tudor that we should take the time to learn CSS gradient syntax and not rely on gradient generators as most of them produce an astounding amount of junk code. (codepen.io)

How to maintain product UX consistency (hannahcdesign.com)

Tools / Resources

Big Rig

An experimental, proof-of-concept system for generating and parsing Chrome’s trace files. It has a web app dashboard that will allow you to track performance statistics over time, as well as a CLI version for integrating with other parts of your build system. (aerotwist.com)

You need more than invoicing. You need a plan.

Meet Harpoon, a financial planning app for freelance web designers and developers. Set financial goals, track time, invoice your clients and take more vacations. It’s the financial decision‑making tool you’ve been missing. Use coupon code WDW25 for 25% off your first 3 months! (harpoonapp.com)

Making a Simple Site Work Offline with ServiceWorker

Of late Nicolas Bevacqua has been exploring various aspects of ServiceWorker and in this post he aims to give people with no knowledge a good overview and explains how it can be integrated into a simple site. (css-tricks.com)

Github Corners

Tim Holman has given the “Fork me on GitHub” ribbon a little refresh. (github.com)

Using HTML5’s Native Drag and Drop API (sitepoint.com)

The Stack Behind Netflix Scaling (scalescale.com)


All the CSSConf 2015 talks (youtube.com)

Toolsday Podcast (toolsday.io)


Applying For Jobs Is So Yesterday

Get interviews with top companies without submitting another application. Through Hired, companies find you – and offer salary and other benefits upfront. Sign up today! (hired.com)

Xero Developer Relations – API

In this role you will help in the integration and discussions with strategic customers to help speed their integration and ensure best practices during implementation. The incumbent will also review and certify integrations to ensure high standards are maintained in the Partner Program. (xero.com)

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Last but not least…

Chrome Dev Summit 2015

The Chrome Dev Summit is happening this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Word on the street is it will kick off with a keynote from Darin Fisher, VP of Chrome with some exciting announcements. Day one sessions aim to cover every aspect of building fast, resilient, app like experiences for the mobile web and day two will cover all aspects of performance. (chrome.com)

Windows 2k Theme (win2k.brod.io)