Web Design Weekly #21



Our Pointless Pursuit Of Semantic Value

This article on Smashing Magazine was written by Divya Manian. It caused a huge reaction from the community. If you have not had the time. Grab a coffee and head over to Smashing Mag now!!!!

Responsive Advertisments

Responsive Advertising

Mark Boulton looks indepth at the resposive advertising challenge many people are now facing. A large number of sites rely on advertising for revenue. Many of those sites will benefit from a Responsive Web Design approach. Mark looks over 5 key concepts. (markboulton.co.uk)

W3Conf – Presentations (awesome videos hot off the press!) (w3.org)

Instagram Engineer Challenge – [SOLVED] (feval.info)


The Future of Web User Interfaces

Alex MacCaw, a developer at Twitter explains why web developers are still stuck in the request/response mindset. He calls it the ‘click and wait’ approach – where every UI interaction results in a delay before another interaction can be performed. Alex covers some really interesting topics and this article is well worth you attention if your into user interface jazz. (alexmaccaw.co.uk)

The Business of WordPress Theme Design

Jeffery Way who works for Envato covers exactly what is required to become a profitable Premium WordPress theme designer. If your thinking about getting into the theme industry this will no doubt help you in the right direction. (warm-lightning-870.com)

Use CSS transitions to link Media Queries and JavaScript

Paul Rhayes covers a common problem in responsive design where the linking of CSS3’s media queries and JavaScript. For instance on a larger screen you can restyle, but it might be useful to use JavaScript and pull in different content at the same time, e.g. higher quality images. With CSS transitions, specifically their transitionEnd events, we can marry up our media queries and JavaScript perfectly, without resorting to window resize events. (paulrhayes.com)

CSS box-shadow Can Slow Down Scrolling

Ross Allen noticed scrolling down the page on my airbnb.com dashboard was much slower than on his normal laptop whist using a Chromebook in the air. He chalked it up to be weak Chromebook hardware, but other sites were scrolling just fine. He explains his investigating…. (nerds.airbnb.com)

Lynx would not be impressed – on semantics and HTML (Note: Rad sidebar by Christian!!) (christianheilmann.com)

16 Pixles For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake (smashingmagazine.com)

“Stream” video using the MediaSource API (html5rocks.com)

Responsive Design – Beyond the Blog (boagworld.com)

Developer Tools in Firefox Aurora 10 (hacks.mozilla.org)

Tools / Resources


25 Books for Web Designers and Developers

Craig Grannell quizzes the web industry’s finest about the essential books you should be giving to that special web designer or developer in your life or devour yourself this holiday season. (netmagazine.com)

Instant CSS Documentation Search (instacss.com)


Behind the Web

Design/Array is all about the individuals and agencies behind the best web and interaction design today. (designarray.com)

Animated Buttons with CSS3 Transitions and Animations (tympanus.net)

Impressive Fullscreen Websites (awwwards.com)

Crazy CSS3 Logos! (ecsspert.com)

Last But Not Least…

Occupy Flash