Web Design Weekly #208


Design Systems

Adam Morse is without doubt one of the most talented developers in the front-end space at this present time and in this piece he does a little brain dump about how he thinks about design systems and building things on the web. (mrmrs.io)

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Using Web Fonts In 2015

As with most aspects of web development the way we implement things changes all the time. In this post Anselm Hannemann explains the best way to currently load web fonts. (helloanselm.com)

Responsive Image Workflow

Responsive images can be an overwhelming change to implement in your existing project but hopefully this post by Jon Yablonski gives you some helpful tips to make the transition easier. (jonyablonski.com)

What UX Designers can Learn from Architects

Lim Ling looks at the steps architects take before going into designing to ensure they are addressing the target users’ needs. Unlike in UX design, many of these steps are mandatory and regulated by authorities. Some interesting reading that I’m sure most designers will find enjoyable. (uxbooth.com)

The Tragicomic History of CSS Color Names

If you are keen to nerd out on the history of CSS Color names this article is for you. (arstechnica.com)

The Future of Web Development – React, Falcor and ES6

The engineering team at Widen are living on the edge when it comes to using all the “new” toys. In this post Ray Nicholus give the low down on how they went about restructuring things to be futuristic. (widen.com)

An Introduction to Sprite Animation

A nice easy to follow tutorial that gives an overview of how you can set up a basic looping animation with a small amount of JavaScript. (eighthdaydesign.com)

What attributes make a logo memorable? (siegelgale.com)

Tools / Resources

Simplicity in Front-End Tooling

With so many tools currently available it’s easy to keep adding more and more to your workflow but taking a step back and assessing the necessity is extremely important to limit complexity. Especially when other developers need to help out. (drublic.de)

Interview Questions Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

Eric Elliott shares some really great advice to help you nail your next interview. (medium.com)

Tools That Help Inform Design Decisions

In this post Lee Munroe shares some useful tools to help collect quality data to help take your site or app to the next level. (leemunroe.com)


The fastest way to build beautiful Electron applications with simple HTML & CSS. (photonkit.com)

Gitignore.io – Create Useful .gitignore Files For Your Project (gitignore.io)

Prototyping with Principle (medium.com)

A cartoon guide to Flux (code-cartoons.com)


The Snowballing of Practice

A great reminder from Chris Coyier about learning, the frustrations with leaning and why we shouldn’t get too annoyed with ourselves in the early stages because things will become easier. (css-tricks.com)

The Obvious, the Easy and the Possible (medium.com)

Pippin Williamson – AMA (managewp.org)


UI Designer at Melewi

If you’re a UI designer interested in being part of a constantly evolving team, with the freedom to travel and work remotely, please flick us an email. (melewi.net)

Web Developer at Spotify

We are looking for web developers to join our teams throughout Spotify. We need engineers in all areas of web development, from people with excellent front end skills through to people with deep knowledge of back end integration. (spotify.com)

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Last but not least…

How Google’s Primer team approached UX (medium.com)

The Future of JavaScript (youtube.com)