Web Design Weekly #207


Defining and Dealing with Technical Debt

If you haven’t encountered any technical debt in a project yet, call yourself very lucky. Fact is, this will probably change rather quickly. Thankfully Geoff Graham has shared some great advice about how best to deal with it to make things less painful. (css-tricks.com)

Incremental UX (medium.com)

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Understanding and using rem units in CSS

Adrian Sandu takes an in-depth look at rem units. He covers the basics, how they differ from em units, how to usw them with your breakpoints and more. (sitepoint.com)

Project TNT – The next evolution of type on Medium

Brad Birdsall shares a behind the scenes look at how the the new typography refresh came about. (medium.com)

Using Responsive Images (Now)

So the community have finally reached a point and agreed on a solution for how to deal with responsive images. The solution is getting implemented across all major browsers but we can start using responsive images today. So what are you waiting for? (alistapart.com)

Remote-First vs. Remote-Friendly (zachholman.com)

Tools / Resources

Style Guide Driven Development

If you haven’t yet taken a Style Guide Driven Development approach on a project hopefully this article by will help reinforce how valuable it is. (bitovi.com)

Integrating React with Gulp

If you are getting into React and are keen to utilise gulp in your development environment this post by Jonathan Suh has some clear and easy to follow tips and examples. (jonsuh.com)

Floatl – A JavaScript implementation of the Float Label Pattern

Floatl is a pragmatic JavaScript implementation of the Float Label Pattern. It is library-agnostic (no jQuery required!), it can be loaded directly in the browser via webpack or Browserify and it supports IE8+. (github.com)

Writing Developer Job Postings

Paul McMahon shares some great tips to help companies write better job postings for developers. (tokyodev.com)

A collection of free resources made by designers at Facebook (github.io)

What’s new in Chrome DevTools? (youtube.com)

CSS Protips (github.com)


Mike Bostock to humans: ‘Try to look for small problems first’

Sérgio Spagnuolo compiled the best of Mike Bostock’s (the creator of D3.js) Reddit AMA advice for people who want to learn more about data visualisation. (medium.com)

The 8 Worst UX Mistakes Coming From Experts

A collection of thoughts from some very talented UX designers including the likes of Frank Gaine, Brad Frost, Andy Budd and Heydon Pickering. (medium.com)

CodePen Redesigned (codepen.io)


Product Designer at Campaign Monitor

We’re looking for a Product Designer who shares our vision for designing beautiful software that thousands of people love to use. We’re looking for someone with a strong understanding of interaction design and knows how to apply that to directly drive product growth. We’re hoping that might be you. (campaignmonitor.com)

WordPress Evangelist

An awesome opportunity to be Envato’s main-point of contact to the WordPress community and lead our WP contribution initiatives, while helping shape our WP strategy. (envato.com)

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Last but not least…

El Capitain Broke My Developer Stuff! Here’s How to Fix It (ohthehugemanatee.org)

The Story Behind Medium’s New Logo (medium.com)