Web Design Weekly #206


The Ownership Problem

Cap Watkins puts forward the point that if you want to produce great products, we as developers and designers shouldn’t hang onto the ownership of certain sections of a project, we should co-own everything. (blog.capwatkins.com)

The U.S. Web Design Standards (gsa.gov)

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PostCSS Deep Dive

The first post in a new series by Kezz Bracey that aims to explore all the amazing things you can do with PostCSS. (tutsplus.com)

Easy content organisation with HTML5

Steve Faulkner reminds us that with HTML5 it is extremely easy to express the main content regions (aside, footer, header, main and nav) semantically in our code. (paciellogroup.com)

Managing features in Bootstrap

Mark Otto, the creator of Bootstrap shares how the core team manage and develop features for Bootstrap. (markdotto.com)

Making Your Website Design Accessible

An interview with Bartek Lenarth, who shares some great advice from the point of view of a blind user. (blogs.adobe.com)

Why Performance Matters – The Perception Of Time

In this article Denys Mishunov tackles some core questions in relation to performance, like: Why do time and performance matter? Why don’t users like to wait? And why does faster not always mean better in the online world? (smashingmagazine.com)

How to undo (almost) anything with Git (github.com)

Interoperable CSS (youtube.com)

Tools / Resources

Greenkeeper – Your software, up to date, all the time

Tired of keeping all your dependencies up to date? Greenkeeper is here to help. It knows when your dependencies have been updated and simply sends you a pull request with the new package.json. (greenkeeper.io)

How To Build An Awesome Form

A quick guide on how to cope with most common design problems when creating a form. (medium.com)

Clipboard.js – A modern approach to copy text to clipboard (github.io)

Checklist for your new Open Source JavaScript Project (github.io)

Supercharged – Web Performance Video Series (youtube.com)

Gatsby — React.js static site generator (github.com)


Ambition, Persistence and Self-Motivation (heropress.com)

Design Disruptors (designdisruptors.com)

Elastic Progress (tympanus.net)


Web Engineer at Vine

Vine is building the world’s most influential mobile video platform. We’re a small team, headquartered in NYC, that ships products affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. We genuinely love what we do and are looking for others who share this passion. If this sounds like fun to you, please get in touch. (vine.co)

UI Designer at SmugMug

We’ve got an open spot for a UI Designer to stitch a seamless backdrop and make the user experience flow. Our customers trust us to safeguard their memories, their businesses and their dreams. The last thing they need is for the site to interfere. Millions of eyes scour SmugMug each day, so if you’re ready to go full-frontal we’ll make you a star. (smugmug.com)

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Last but not least…


Visualising JavaScript source code as navigable 3D cities. (github.com)

Pretty Git Diff View (github.com)