Web Design Weekly #205


Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web

So much “#HotDrama” around this topic over that last couple of weeks. Jeffrey Zeldman sums things up quite well but if you are looking for more then Sam Snelling’s and Seth Godin’s articles are also worth reading. (zeldman.com)

NGINX Open Source 1.9.5 Released with HTTP/2 Support (nginx.com)

Reissue of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual, now on Kickstarter

The NASA Graphics Standards Manual reissue is available on Kickstarter. Designed by Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn in 1974, and rescinded by NASA in 1992, the reissue celebrates Danne & Blackburn’s work, 23 years after it was lost. The Kickstarter will run until Oct 5. Books start at $79. (kickstarter.com)


Mobile Navigation For Smashing Magazine – Case Study

Marco Hengstenberg looks at the evolution of Smashing Magazines navigation over the years in detail. (smashingmagazine.com)

How to display threaded discussions on the web

Rian Van Der Merwe has some really interesting research on threaded discussions and comments. An often neglected component from a design and development point of view that is extremely important on large sites like Hacker News and Reddit. (elezea.com)

Back to the :roots

An article that looks into a few ways of how you can make the CSS cascade be your friend and hopefully reduce the pain in fighting the specificity game when your write your CSS. (simurai.com)

Styling & Customizing File Inputs the Smart Way

A tutorial on how to style and customise <input type=”file”> in a semantic, accessible way using the <label> element and some JavaScript. (tympanus.net)

Evaluating Ideas

Eileen Webb explains how she uses a framework during feature requirement meetings so all new ideas are evaluated in a relatively emotion-free setting making it easier to decide which solutions are the best ones to pursue. (alistapart.com)

Creating Cel Animations With SVG

Heydon Pickering explains how you can animate various parts of an SVG and animate them separately to create a GIF like effect. (smashingmagazine.com)

Deprecating Powerful Features on Insecure Origins (google.com)

Use Cases For CSS Calc(vincentp.me)

Tools / Resources


A nice new site that is a community-generated collection of some handy CSS resources. (stylesheets.co)

Mastering the filesystem in Node.js

Yoshua Wuyts shares some insightful tips and tricks to become at one with the Node.js filesystem. (medium.com)

CSS for Software Engineers for CSS Developers

A little bit of a tongue twister of a title but this slide deck from Harry Roberts has some really great takeaways to help explain and write better CSS. (speakerdeck.com)

Write SVG

A PostCSS plugin created by Jonathan Neal to write SVGs directly in CSS. (github.com)

A comprehensive list of what forces layout/reflow by Paul Irish (github.com)

A list of creative exercises for creative teams (medium.com)

Flexbox Cheatsheet Cheatsheet (jonibologna.com)

Classroom for GitHub (github.com)


Design at Facebook

Amandah Wood and Matt Quinn stepped into the Facebook design world for a day and have created a beautiful story that looks at the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. (wayswework.io)

How we lost (and found) millions by not A/B testing (signalvnoise.com)


Product Design Director at Xero

This role leads the product design team that works on the heart of Xero, the small business accounting software. You’ll be involved in everything from product strategy and research to improving the user experience and design patterns of Xero. (xero.com)

Marketing Web Designer at GitHub

Marketing at GitHub has a history of delighting its audience. We appreciate complex topics made friendly, and favor value over fluff. We don’t just want to create customers, we want to rally fans. We’re looking for a talented front-end designer ready to hit the ground running to support GitHub’s creative team. (github.com)

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Last but not least…

The Link That Can Crash Chrome: http://a/%%30%30 (youtube.com)

The Strange Appeal of Watching Coders Code (medium.com)