Web Design Weekly #201


Thinking Responsively — A Framework for Future Learning

A really great article by Paul Robert Lloyd that looks at why we need to consolidate our learning and consider how we build upon it. (alistapart.com)

Everyone is a Designer

Andy Jiang explores the approach designers take when solving problems and reinforces that we all have the skills and encourages us to be more aware and mindful of our problem solving processes. (blog.andyjiang.com)

Responsive Images — Image Breakpoints (blog.cloudfour.com)

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Why You Need to Refactor Your CSS

Nathan Rambeck reinforces that even though it maybe a bit scary modifying our CSS, to keep our projects maintainable over the long run, we need to face our fears and learn to become comfortable regularly refactoring our CSS. (seesparkbox.com)

Tight Fitting SVG Shapes, the Present and Future

Once again, Ana Tudor has the ability to blow your mind with a crazy amount of numbers and awesome demos. (css-tricks.com)

Pattern — Robust icons

The super smart Mike Riethmuller shares his design pattern that he has been using for icons. It’s a solid technique that works in almost any situation. Also, if you are not in a rush, be sure to check out some of his other articles. There are some hidden gems. (madebymike.com.au)

Preload Hints For Web Fonts

Web fonts are a pop­u­lar topic in the web per­for­mance com­mu­nity. How­ever, one fun­da­men­tal prob­lem is of­ten over­looked: web fonts are lazy loaded. This article by Bram looks at how pre­load hints can help. (bramstein.com)

iOS 9 content blocking will transform the mobile Web (thenextweb.com)

Tools / Resources

DevTools Tips For Sublime Text Users

Addy Osmani looks at taking advantage of your existing knowledge of features in Sublime Text and applying them to the Chrome DevTools. (medium.com)

Typography on the web

A starting point for web designers and developers to learn more about typography. (typographyontheweb.com)

React CSS Modules

React CSS Modules is a React specific implementation of the CSS Modules that enables seamless mapping of class names to CSS modules inside of React components. (github.com)

Writ — Opinionated, classless styles for semantic HTML (cmcenroe.me)

Simple Responsive Images with Jekyll (netlify.com)

Bulletproof contracts for Freelancers (hellobonsai.com)

The MailChimp Content Style Guide (mailchimp.com)


First Time User Experiences

A nice collection of user experiences, good and bad, from a variety of products by Krystal Higgins. (firsttimeux.tumblr.com)

How We Designed the New Salesforce At Scale (medium.com)

Recent Conference Talks Worth Watching (css-tricks.com)


Senior Software Engineer – JavaScript

Would you like to create Javascript solutions that enable the Web’s most seamless video experience? Are you excited to see your work delight millions of customers across the world? Then we would like to talk to you about a great opportunity at Netflix. (netflix.com)

Senior Front-End Developer (remote)

We’re looking for a Senior Front-End engineer who has a deep understanding of HTML5/CSS3 and a passion for implementing pixel-perfect single-page web applications from design. (invision.com)

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Last but not least…

Death to Bullshit

Brad Frost has produced an amazing site that aims to create awearness of the world of bullshit that we experience on a day-to-day basis on the web. Gold. (deathtobullshit.com)

HTTP Status Cats API (http.cat)