Web Design Weekly #200


CSS Modules — Welcome to the Future

CSS Modules have been out in the wild for a little while now but in the post Glen Maddern explains why it is the future. As always an awesome article by Glen. Make time for this one. (glenmaddern.com)

Building to Learn

The web changes and we need to change with it. This post by Susan Robertson is a good reminder about the best way to learn is to build things. Couldn’t agree more. (alistapart.com)

WordPress 4.3 “Billie” is now available

The new version of WordPress dropped this week and packs lots of goodies for all to enjoy. Also Brian Krogsgard wrote a nice post giving us developers the inside view. (wordpress.org)

Bootstrap 4 alpha (getbootstrap.com)


Switch — Dealing with creative block

Dan Mall explains how he deals with creative block by working on projects simultaneously to keep the flow progressing. You can also listen to it on Spoken which is thoughtfully enjoyable. (medium.com)

ES6 Modules In Depth

The Mozilla team have been producing an amazing set of articles focusing on ES6 of late and this one is particularly awesome looking at ES6 modules in depth. (mozilla.org)

Surfacing Invisible Elements

With so much bloat hidden on websites today Brad Frost stresses that it is important to create some awareness of these resources in the context of a pattern library right along side the rest of the UI elements. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. (bradfrost.com)

A few basics of Flexbox revisited

A nice introduction to Flexbox by Ben Gremillion that will help adjust your thinking to make the most of all the layout possibilities. (smashingmagazine.com)

Image Reveal with SVG and Blend Modes

Dudley Storey explains how to create a “scratch to reveal” effect for images using a combination of CSS animation, SVG dash-array and blend modes. (demosthenes.info)

UI Mechanics of a Date Picker (medium.com)

Developer Turned Manager (blog.stackexchange.com)

Tools / Resources

Strategies for Cache-Busting CSS

Chris Coyier looks at various ways you can go about breaking the cache and forcing the browser to download a new copy of your CSS. (css-tricks.com)

Tips & Tricks for debugging unfamiliar AngularJS code

You’ve been given an Angular code base and have no idea what is going on. Francois Ward explains how you figure out where everything is, where scope variables are coming from, what controller does what and more. (eng.localytics.com)


A handy NPM module that checks if a JPEG image is progressive without loading it fully. (github.com)

Principle App

A nice looking app to help animate your ideas and design better apps. (principleformac.com)

jspm 0.16 has been released (guybedford.com)


My First Year as a Mozilla Designer (medium.com)

One year of working remote (modess.io)


UX Designer at Booking.com

As a member of our Front End team you’ll be given the freedom to make meaningful and measurable improvements impacting millions of people. You’ll join us at our beautiful Amsterdam HQ and work with some of our industry’s smartest people. (booking.com)

Senior Product Designer – Bitbucket

If you live and breathe the user experience, love solving problems and thrive on variety, Atlassian has a great opportunity for you. As a Product Designer for Bitbucket, you’ll be working on compelling design initiatives and delivering cutting edge Git and Mercurial code hosting tools. (atlassian.com)

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Last but not least…

Why I Write Plain JavaScript Modules (ponyfoo.com)