Web Design Weekly #2

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Issue #2, 8th day of July 2011

Happy Friday!

Firstly, thanks for sticking around for the next instalment. Every week is pretty busy in the life of a web designer, but last week was especially hectic with all the Google Plus shenanigans and all the UI tweaks they rolled out. This week has still been pretty awesome as far as cool shiz goes. WordPress took the UI crown with their awesome roll out of version 3.2.

So sit back, pour yourself a whisky and enjoy.


WordPress 3.2, Gershwin
This updated version of WordPress has arrived just four months after version 3.1. The focus for this release was to make WordPress faster and lighter. The first thing you’ll notice when you log in to 3.2 is a refreshed dashboard design that tightens the typography, design and code behind the admin. With over 400 improvements, the highlight for many will be the special full-screen writing mode that has been added for distraction-free writing. The update also comes with a new default theme “Twenty Eleven” that is full of HTML5 goodness.

Google Chrome’s amazing growth spurt. The top web browser by June 2012?
Google Chrome is on a tear. It’s gaining users, fast. In less than three years, it has claimed more than 20% of the global web browser market and is without a doubt one of Google’s biggest success stories so far. And the really amazing thing is that at the current rate, Chrome will overtake both Firefox and IE within a year and become the world’s most widely used web browser.


A polyfill for HTML5 progress element, the obsessive perfectionist way
A great detailed post from Lea Verou early this week about the process of creating a polyfill for the progress element.

Turntables in your Browser ‘Wheels of Steel’
Yep WICKED! Once you’ve stopped playing with the Wheels of Steel, here is a good article that dives a little deeper into the making – The Wheels Of Steel: An Ode To Turntables (in HTML)

Showcase of impressive design process explanations
This showcase by Chris Spoon rounds up a bunch of impressive examples of how various designers have explained their design process with the aid of clever graphical elements.

20 things that drive web developers crazy


HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills
This list is growing by the minute and is worth bookmarking if you haven’t already. It’s a collection of all the shims, fallbacks and polyfills in order to implant HTML5 functionality in browsers that don’t natively support them.

HTML5 Pattern is an incredibly handy list of input patterns for forms

Regular expressions for credit card numbers, full date validation, phone numbers and more are ready to plug into the “pattern” attribute of your input fields. Grab the pattern you need, or create one to contribute!

CSS3 Gradients tool
John Allsopp from Web Directions / Westciv released a nice new gradients tool. It explores CSS gradients (both linear and radial).

Colour Lovers – Colour Palette Software
An advanced colour palette tool that helps you create the perfect colour palette.

Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5
Swiffy allows you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads).

CSS3 Transitions with custom easing functions


Foundation #7, Kevin Rose interviews Chris Sacca
Kevin Rose talks to Chris Sacca about his investment in Twitter and other startups in a down to earth manner. A great episode if you are interested in hearing from an accomplished venture investor.

An example of 3D Isometric text created using CSS3
Duncan Midwinter released a crazy cool 3D isometric text demo using CSS3 early this week. He achieved this by using multiple text-shadows and 2D transforms.

Everything is a Remix
Another magical video from Kirby Ferguson about the elements of creativity.


‘Earn Your Crust’ with the Bread App
BreadApp is a new online service designed specifically to help us web professionals find their next job. It brings together the latest data from leading and niche web job boards.

Smashing Magazines re-vamped job board

Need a change? New fresh jobs are waiting for you on the re-vamped Smashing Magazines Jobs page.

Last but not least

Browser Wars

To be continued…

Thanks again for supporting!