Web Design Weekly #197


On The Verge

This topic has been doing the rounds this week, but I think Jeremy Keith’s take on The Verge’s article “The Mobile web sucks” nails it. So many thoughtful points and advice as always. (adactio.com)

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Front End Development is Development

Geoff Graham puts forward a point on why front end development is every bit as difficult and worthy of the title as any other subset. A great post with some very thoughtful comments. (css-tricks.com)

Spatial Interfaces

An epic post by Pasquale D’Silva that will no doubt be something that could be re-read for many years to come. He explores what makes a great spatial interface and looks at some big name companies for reference. (medium.com)

Modern CSS Layout, power and responsibility

Rachel Andrew reminds us that we need to continue to talk about accessibility and semantics alongside showcasing what these new tools can do for us because it’s not going to be all smooth sailing. (rachelandrew.co.uk)

Stop pushing the web forward

Peter-Paul Koch puts forward the idea that we should stop pushing any new features out for a year and that way we we’ll have a much better idea how to use the current features and an understanding of where we want the web to be pushed forward to. Interesting thinking, but I can’t see many stopping for a year at this present time….. (quirksmode.org)

Tools / Resources

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Modern JavaScript Tooling

The JavaScript world can be very overwhelming, especially when you start to look at tooling. Thankfully in this post Marcin Grzywaczewski tries to gives a quick overview about what the popular tools do – and whether you need them or not. (reactkungfu.com)

When to Use Em vs. Rem

You may have come to terms with using flexible units of measurement, but you still might not fully understand when to use rem’s and when to use em’s. In this tutorial, Kezz Bracey helps you figure it out. (tutsplus.com)

Font Magician

Font Magician is a PostCSS plugin that magically generates all of your @font-face rules, which means you never need to write a @font-face rule again. (github.com)

Show me the React

A Google Chrome extension that highlights React components on the page. Handy for those learning React and curious as to what is being built with it. (github.com)

Stretchy – Form element autosizing, the way it should be (lea.verou.me)

ES7 Decorators I want to use now (medium.com)

What The FlexBox? (flexbox.io)

Pixel Picker (github.com)


Redesigning a registration form step-by-step (joshwayne.com)

Inside Design at Ted (invisionapp.com)


Front-End Engineer at Vimeo

If you can write clean and reusable code using the latest front-end technologies, are keen to collaborate with a team of talented designers and other engineers to build award-winning work and are constantly working on ways to improve performance, we want to talk to you. (vimeo.com)

Front-End Engineer at Omada Health!

Omada Health is on a mission to make healthy behavior change more accessible and achievable. We are constantly creating new interactive content for our customers — you’ll play a key role in delivering and maintaining these features. (omadahealth.com)

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From The Blog

The Battle Royale: Atom vs. Sublime

Dennis Gaebel has been on a mission of late in search of the perfect text editor. In this post, he gives GitHub’s Atom a week trial and talks about his experience. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last but not least…

Paul Irish performance audit screencast of various sites (youtube.com)