Web Design Weekly #196


Web Design – The First 100 Years

A fascinating read by Maciej Cegłowski (who is the creator of Pinboard) that aims to persuade you that the same thing that happened to aviation is happening with the Internet. Make time for this. (idlewords.com)

The Web’s Cruft Problem (telerik.com)

Discover how to make your UI better to get more conversions

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The Trouble with Preprocessing Based on Future Specs

Lots of talk at the moment about PostCSS/Preprocessing of late and in this post Chris Coyier looks at few issues which are worth considering. Also this post by David Clark is pretty good if you need to understand what it is. (css-tricks.com)

Some things I’ve learned about CSS so far

Cole Peters has been writing CSS for a little over 5 years and has taken the time to reflect on the things he has learnt. Some great advice bundled up in this post. (colepeters.com)

Nesting in Sass and Less

Mark Otto looks at a few examples of where nesting your Sass or Less can be a good or bad option. Some super solid points that are highly applicable to large codebases in my opinion. (markdotto.com)

Exploring Microservices Architecture on Heroku (codeship.com)

Perfecting a CSS 3D animation (subvisual.co)

Tools / Resources

A Git Workflow Walkthrough – Feature Branches

In today’s world, learning Git is a must, especially when working with others on the same project. If you need to level up your Git skills, this article by Jim Vallandingham has some great tips focused around the feature branch workflow. (bocoup.com)

Styling SVG Content with CSS

An in-depth article on how to style the contents of the SVG element and overcome some of the challenges it brings. (tympanus.net)

A Year Using Sketch

Sagi Shrieber started using Sketch just over a year ago as his primary design tool and in this post he reflects on that time. (hackingui.com)

Currying in JavaScript

Kevin Ennis walks through the process of writing a curry function in a clear and concise manner. (medium.com)

Fundamental Node.js Design Patterns (risingstack.com)

TTL Podcast (ttlpodcast.com)


Blog Little Things (coffeecoder.net)

History of Icons (historyoficons.com)


Front-End Engineer at Omada Health!

Omada Health is on a mission to make healthy behavior change more accessible and achievable. We are constantly creating new interactive content for our customers — you’ll play a key role in delivering and maintaining these features. (omadahealth.com)

UX/UI Designer at Xero

We’re hiring designers who love crafting interfaces that are beautiful, fun, even addictive. We work on big, juicy design problems that require smart thinking and well crafted design solutions. You’ll work with a highly collaborative team, designing the entire user experience end-to-end. (xero.com)

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From The Blog

Creating Better CSS

Good CSS requires a good foundation, some well thought-out coding principles and a selection of tools to keep you on the right track. In this post I explore some options to give you the best chance of creating the best CSS possible. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last but not least…

You might not need jQuery plugins (youmightnotneedjqueryplugins.com)