Web Design Weekly #193


Design Principles – Balance, Symmetry & Asymmetry

This is the seventh and final post in the series of epic posts by Steven Bradley that focus on design principles. Sometimes it is hard to understand what makes good design, but having some fundamental principles to fallback on helps. Great reading. (smashingmagazine.com)

Safari the new IE? (nolanlawson.com)

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Functional Programming, CSS and your sanity

With all the hype around CSS Modules at the moment, Jon Gold decided to do a little brain dump on his thoughts about how CSS should be written. He focuses on 5 main topics which all have some very solid points. (jon.gd)

The State of JS Build Tools 2015

Jeff Walker does a good analysis of some of the most popular build tools. The only issue is he didn’t explore the wonderful world of Webpack. (walkercoderanger.com)

Grid Tidbits – a series of posts about the CSS Grid layout

The first post in a series about CSS Grid Layout by Emil Björklund. CSS Grid Layout has been gaining a lot of attention of late due to increased browser support and its ability to handle complex layout. I’m sure we will be seeing many more CSS Grid Layout posts in the not too distant future. (thatemil.com)

Why Web Components will make the web a better place

A great overview by Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent about Web Components and why they will help us build better component libraries, enabling us to deliver a refined, maintainable and consistent user experience across products. (medium.com)

The Debate Around “Do We Even Need CSS Anymore?” (css-tricks.com)

Tools / Resources

CSS Secrets – Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems

Lea Verou’s latest book is now available in hard copy. For those that do any CSS and want to take their CSS to the next level this is a must read. (amazon.com)

Fix scrolling performance with CSS will-change property

Chris Ruppel writes about how he diagnosed some performance bottle necks within his site and how he applied the `will-change` property to make the scrolling silky smooth. (fourword.fourkitchens.com)

Performant CSS Animations – Netflix Case Study

With the Netflix redesign the front-end team were faced with a few performance issues and this post explains how they attacked one issue in detail. (eng.wealthfront.com)

Basscss v7 – simpler, smaller and more flexible than before (basscss.com)

Chrome Filmstrip & Improving Page Speed (damonbauer.me)

Death to Icon Fonts (speakerdeck.com)

Async Programming in ES7 (youtube.com)


CSSConf Australia 2015 Talks (youtube.com)

Great Teams, Great Products (blog.capwatkins.com)

Chill the Lion (codepen.io)


Front End Developer Extraordinaire at Pusher

Do you want to design something that makes developers’ lives better? At Pusher we’re looking for a designer-developer who believes that design can make a meaningful difference and cares about how it is implemented. Join us! (pusher.com)

Lead Visual Designer at Campaign Monitor

We’re looking for an extremely talented visual designer to take the aesthetic direction of Campaign Monitor to an entirely new level. This is a career defining opportunity to take a product already known for its ease of use, to one that is equally regarded for its visual beauty. (campaignmonitor.com)

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Last but not least…

Lea Verou – The Missing Slice (youtube.com)

Friendlier, More Powerful (youtube.com)