Web Design Weekly #192


Interoperable CSS

Writing CSS isn’t easy, especially at a large scale. Thankfully we have Glen Maddern and a few other super smart people exploring how we might author CSS in the not too distant future. (glenmaddern.com)

Practical Questions around Web Components

Ian Feather investigates some of the more practical questions and issues still remaining for Web Components today. (ianfeather.co.uk)

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What is WebAssembly?

If you were a little confused by the announcement of WebAssembly by Brendan Eich like I was, hopefully this article can help clarify things. (medium.com)

Drop Downs Should be the UI of Last Resort

Luke Wroblewski does some side-by-side analyse of how forms can be imporved by using simpler, more appropriate controls over drop downs. (storify.com)

Mathematical Web Typography

Brent Jackson explains an approach to creating modular typographic systems on the Web. If you are looking to take your web typography skills to the next level, this is a great read. (jxnblk.com)

How to Become a Great JavaScript Developer (ustunozgur.com)

Mobile is eating the world (ben-evans.com)

Tools / Resources

SVG Filters

A nice demo that showcases the types of filters that SVGs have available. If you are also keen to read more about SVG Filters, this article by Mike Sierra is quite good. (jorgeatgu.github.io)

A Look at Some CSS Methodologies

In this post Kieran Potts looks at 5 CSS methodologies that can help with managing CSS in large scale projects. If you are battling with a large codebase this is worth a read. (sixrevisions.com)

Viewport sized typography with min and max sizes (eduardoboucas.com)

bling.js – Getting The $ of jQuery Without The jQuery (github.com)

Create an SVG Sprite (blog.teamtreehouse.com)


Inside Design at Dribbble (invisionapp.com)

Checkbox Trickery with CSS (codersblock.com)

Card Expansion Effect with SVG clipPath (tympanus.net)


Front End Developer at Shopify

Shopify is looking to grow the team responsible for building the next generation of commerce. As a front end developer, you’ll work alongside some of the most talented people in the industry crafting world-class experiences (shopify.com)

Love writing about the web?

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Last but not least…

A CSS Nesting spec is in the works (tabatkins.github.io)

When Responsive Images Get Ugly (codepen.io)