Web Design Weekly #190


Interface Writing

If you want to make your site and interfaces really shine then this post by Nicole Fenton is epic. So many awesome tips. (nicolefenton.com)

Connected // Disconnected (the-pastry-box-project.net)

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The state of Web Components

Wilson Page gives a good overview of why Web Components aren’t everywhere and what we should be expecting in the near future. (hacks.mozilla.org)

Copy & Paste & The Web

Have you ever tried to copy and paste some text only to find it frustrating, awkward, or even impossible? I know I have on many occasions. In this post Chris Coyier explores various scenarios that cause the frustrations. (css-tricks.com)

Why Will Angular 2 Rock?

It’s not long and Angular 2 will be main stream. Maybe even hotter then React 🙂 If you are undecided on Angular 2, this post by JesĂşs RodrĂ­guez will hopefully convince you everything is going to be all good. (angular-tips.com)

Improving Your UX Process

Justin Young explores five strategies for improving your UX process when deadlines are tight, teams are busy and you’re responsible for creating easy and delightful experiences when conditions aren’t ideal. (mediatemple.net)

Building the Media Block in ReactJS (speakerdeck.com)

Web Decay Graph (tbray.org)

Tools / Resources

Static Site Generation with React and Webpack

If you feel a little overwhelmed with all the React talk of late but are keen to get your hands dirty then I couldn’t reccomend this post by Brent Jackson enough. He starts from the beggining and covers all steps in a very clear and concise manner. (jxnblk.com)

Things I’ve Learned About Building HTML Email

Building and coding HTML email isn’t super straight forward. It really is an another art. In this post Lee Munroe does a quick run down of what he has learnt over the years. Definitely a handy post to book mark if you build, or are planning to do any email coding. (leemunroe.com)


A nice looking JavaScript image gallery for mobile and desktop, modular and framework independent. (photoswipe.com)

The new features that have been added in Safari 9.0 (developer.apple.com)

A window.fetch JavaScript polyfill. (github.com)

A Simple Gulp’y Workflow For Sass (sitepoint.com)


No Good Can Come of Bad Code

Jeffery Zeldman puts on his “Dr Web” hat and knocks the question out of the park. If you feel you are working for a company that is outputting sub-optimal code, this piece is a must read. (alistapart.com)

300+ subway stations from Paris illustrated with Git branches (github.com)

Deploying branches to GitHub.com (githubengineering.com)


Product Designer at Xero

We’re hiring designers who love crafting interfaces that are beautiful, fun, even addictive. We work on big, juicy design problems that require smart thinking and well crafted design solutions. You’ll work with a highly collaborative team, designing the entire user experience end-to-end. (xero.com)

Designers Wanted – Bitovi

We’re looking for passionate UX practitioners and UI designers who want to make the web a better place. We want someone who enjoys simplifying designs, making apps easy to use and can intelligently explain their design decisions to non-designers. (bitovi.com)

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Last but not least…

I Have No Idea What The Hell I Am Doing

Brad Frost talks about dealing with uncertainty of the future in a very entertaining manner. (bradfrost.com)

Prototyping with Framer (nlevin.com)