Web Design Weekly #189


My website is 20 years old today

Jeffrey Zeldman takes us back in time to reflect on how things have changed since 1995. Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy his inspiring words. (zeldman.com)

Web! What is it good for? (adactio.com)

6 email marketing trends to grow your client’s business

We’ll show you some of the best examples from leading brands who are using email to drive business growth. Learn how they’re using the latest trends including responsive email design, triggered and transactional emails plus much more. Sign up for our free webinar – Latest Trends in Email Marketing. (vision6.com.au)


Predictions on JavaScript in the next 12 months

Jack Franklin makes 8 interesting predictions. You may not agree with all he has to say, but he does have some good points which I’m sure will come into fruition. (javascriptplayground.com)

System fonts. Choose wisely.

A great explanation about which system fonts to choose if that is all you can use. Also a handy chart to make choosing the right font easier. (practicaltypography.com)

Why We Should Stop Using Bower – And How to Do It

If you use Bower or are thinking about integrating it into your project this post by Jaakko Salonen is worth the time. (gofore.com)

Fitting After Effects Into Your Workflow

As web design evolves so should our tools. Generally speaking we can get away with using tools like Photoshop or Sketch and a text editor and the inbuilt browser tools. But are these tools ideal for transitions and animations? In this post Matt Reamer explores Adobe After Effects as an option. (smashingmagazine.com)

Tools / Resources


This handy mac app helps you find awesome free stock photos for your creative product in one place. (zoommyapp.com)

Modern Design Tools – Adaptive Layouts

Josh Puckett believes we are still in the infancy of design tools and in this post shares several ideas for how they can mature and evolve to better enable us to create digital experiences. (medium.com)

Jake Archibald on Performance & Service Worker

Jake Archibald introduces how making simple changes to Service Worker can vastly improve the startup and load performance of your website. (youtube.com)

Angular 1.4.0 has arrived! (angularjs.blogspot.com)

Caniuse command line tool (github.com)

Material Design Icon Font (google.github.io)


Image Tilt Effect (tympanus.net)

Uber Brand Guidelines (uber.com)


Senior Front End Developer – News Corp Australia

As we migrate to an Enterprise WordPress environment, you will be responsible for building high-performance, maintainable web interfaces using the latest web technologies that will serve millions of our customers each and every day. (linkedin.com)

Marketing Web Designer at GitHub

As a marketing-focused front-end designer, you create visuals that delight and inform. You’re the kind of person that wants to learn how a system works in order to improve it, rather than throw it all out and start over. Most of all, you want to create experiences that people love. (github.com)

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Last but not least…

Making Material Design

A behind-the-scenes look at building Google’s visual framework. (google.com)

Your Org Is a Product (capwatkins.com)