Web Design Weekly #186


Is Mobile Friendly “Friendly” Enough?

Just because a site is mobile friendly in the sense of design, it may not be mobile friendly in the sense of data/network usage. Matt Shull shares some insights on how to rectify that. (webperformance.io)

io.js is merging back into node (github.com)

See how your Visitors are really using your Website

Hotjar is a new and affordable way to improve your site UX and conversion rate by using >> Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Funnel and Form Analysis, Polls and Surveys… all in one central interface. Get your FREE Hotjar account now. (hotjar.com)


Nesting Components

Do you ever have questions around the best way to define styles for nested components that have a different context? If so, this article explores various ways in which you might tackle it. (simurai.com)

Put a Pseudo-Class On It

A nice little post by Stephen Caver that reminds us that taking a little look at the specs and documentation might result in some more tricks to put up our sleeve. Great read. (cognition.happycog.com)

An API is just UI for developers

Anthony Short from Segment explains why they decided to build Deku – there functional alternative to React. (segment.com)

The True Cost of Progressive Enhancement

Aaron Gustafson shares some insight into two recent case studies that help explain the cost of progressive enhancement. (medium.com)

The Designer Litmus Test

Alina Senderzon shares some light on six personality traits. Ambition, empathy, non-linear thinking, pattern recognition, meticulousness and tenacity that she feels is the difference between a designers and great designers. (zurb.com)

Hero Image Custom Metrics

If your site has a hero image this post by Steve Souders shares some good tips to make sure it loads and renders as early as possible. (stevesouders.com)

Responsive Shapes with Clip-Path

Karen Menezes helps you think outside the box with this post. She explore the wonderful things you can do with the clip-path property to take your CSS to the next level. (smashingmagazine.com)

How Googlebot Crawls Javascript (searchengineland.com)

What are Classes for? (xn--h4hg.ws)

Tools / Resources

CSS Filter Effects

A handy site to play around with the filter property (and many other CSS properties) to get your head around how it works and realise its full potential. (cssreflex.com)


A hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives. (makerbook.net)

RightFont for Mac

An app that offers many features to help you manage all your local fonts with ease. (rightfontapp.com)

Clean up your commits for a pull request (christoph-rumpel.com)

Sites with High Quality Photos (css-tricks.com)


Review of Interactive Storytelling at the New York Times

A great insight into how the New York Times has gone about addressing the evolving habits of the digital news-reading audience. (futurenytimes.org)

Design Details: Carousel by Dropbox (brianlovin.com)

60 Logos in 60 days (karolinetynes.squarespace.com)


JavaScript Developer

Booking.com is looking for the world’s best Front End Developers all around the globe. Join us at our beautiful headquarters in Amsterdam and work on planet Earth’s #1 accommodation website with some of the industry’s smartest people. (booking.com)

Interface Designer at MetaLab

We’re looking for a team member with a proven eye for design. You’ll get to work closely with clients, developers, and the rest of the design team. (metalab.co)

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Last but not least…

There Is No Fold

Luke Wroblewski reminds us that most of the arguments are bogus when people refer to the concept of “above the fold” to support layout decisions, call to action designs and ad placements. (lukew.com)

Be Kind (boz.com)