Web Design Weekly #184


The Future of the Open Web

A very thoughtful piece by Peter Gasston that looks at the current landscape of the web and why the Service Worker API is the most important feature right now. (broken-links.com)

Flywheel – Lightning-fast managed WordPress hosting

Flywheel makes it simple to manage and host your client’s WordPress sites. Set up a free demo site for your client and transfer billing to them in a few clicks. You can rest easy with our lightning-fast servers, nightly backups and more. Stop struggling with servers and installs. Try Flywheel today! (getflywheel.com)


Designing Front-End Components

A great article by Nicolas Bevacqua that discusses how you can build and isolate components that have a simple API. (ponyfoo.com)

Using RxJS for data flow instead of Flux with React

Justin Woo expresses his frustration with “Flux” architecture and explains in detail why RxJS is where it is at. Got to love a good honest post. (qiita.com)

Logic in CSS

Harry Roberts looks at how the Cyclomatic Complexity principle can be applied to thinking about the way we write CSS. (csswizardry.com)

Block, Element, Modifying Your JavaScript Components

BEM was a transformative methodology in the world of CSS, but, when limited to the style sheet  it can only take us so far. Mark Dalgleish looks at a new generation of tooling and workflows to make this methodology truly transform the way we construct our interfaces. (medium.com)

Everyone has JavaScript, right? (kryogenix.org)

Tools / Resources

Coloring SVGs in CSS Background Images

Noah Blon looks at four different ways to alter the background color of SVG within your CSS. (codepen.io)

Icons and Type

Jonathan Snook looks at a couple of ways to align icons with text that is lowercase, title case and sometimes all uppercase. (snook.ca)

Working with BEM at Scale

An article that taps into the knowledge of a few very experienced developers that have worked with BEM at scale. (sitepoint.com)

10up Engineering Best Practices (10up.github.io)


Just five bucks a month

An interesting story by Gina Trapani in how developing their subscription payment system has come around to haunt them due to the 3rd party services shutting down. Great read. (the-pastry-box-project.net)

A large selection of talks from Fluent Conference 2015 (youtube.com)


Product Designer at Xero

We’re hiring designers who love crafting interfaces that are beautiful, fun, even addictive. That’s how customers describe Xero, and we’re always pushing ourselves to make it even better. (xero.com)

Designer at Trello

This is a chance to work with the best developers, impart your vision, and create awesome apps for Trello. Your work will be used by millions of people all over the world. (trello.com)

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From The Blog

Don’t Load it till it’s Needed

The average web page has nearly doubled in size since 2010. While this might not come as a surprise to any of us, there is certainly plenty that we can do to scale back the weight of our web pages. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last but not least…

Logical (Or Not)

A super fun game about JavaScript logical operators. (gabinaureche.com)

LazyWeb Show #3 (youtube.com)