Web Design Weekly #183


More Weight Doesn’t Mean More Wait

Scott Jehl takes a look at Wired’s new site and explains a few optimization tweaks that could massively improve the perceived performance. As always, awesome post by Scott. (filamentgroup.com)

mdo-ular CSS

Mark Otto explains ten guidelines on how he write better CSS. So many awesome simple tips. Make time for it. (jqueryuk.com)

Pixel Perfect Responsive Sites. Code Free.

Webydo is a professional website design platform that empowers graphic and web designers to create and manage pixel-perfect responsive websites for their clients, completely code-free. Try it Now! (webydo.com)


Smart and Dumb Components

Dan Abramov gives some good advice on working with React applications. His advice focuses on dealing with components that are divided into two categories – Smart and Dumb. If you are not on the React train, don’t be put off it. I’m sure you’ll still gets something out of it. (medium.com)

D3 Without SVG

New York Times recently published an interactive visualization for the up-coming American presidential election but built the entire visualization with no SVG. This means it works great all the way down to IE8. Jim Vallandingham digs into the details and explains how it was achieved. (vallandingham.me)

7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility

Jesse Hausler covers the major things you need to know in order for your products to be “design-ready” to meet minimum accessibility guidelines. So much goodness in this post. (medium.com)

Reaching and re-engaging users on the mobile web

Chrome 42 is rolling out and it’s a bit of a game changer in my mind. It allows us to engange deeper with our users. With the ability to do push notifications and easily add a ‘add to home screen’ option, its exciting times. (chromium.org)

First implementation of Material Design (medium.com)

Accepting Our Lack of Control (alistapart.com)

Tools / Resources

WebPageTest Mapper

Maps JSON result data from WebPageTest API into human-readable document formats. (github.com)

Can I Use Widget

A web widget for “”When Can I Use” to display browser stats on your blog. Andi also blogged about the finer details on his personal site, which are worth reading. (github.com)


A new design tool for interfaces built by Alasdair Monk. You can also read more about it on his Medium post. (github.com)

Offline First

A website dedicated to the Offline First movement. (offlinefirst.org)

Where Style Guides Fit Into Process (css-tricks.com)


Proxima Nova, ca. 1981

A brief visual history of Mark Simonson’s iconic typeface by Cameron Moll. (medium.com)

Tips to learn JavaScript (codepen.io)


Senior Front End Developer & Front End Developer – Envato

At one of the coolest tech companies going around, this opportunity is not to be passed up. Both roles look super fun and exciting. Get amongst it! (envato.com)

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Last but not least…


Elevator.js fixes those awkward “scroll to top” moments the old fashioned way. Note: make sure you have your music on. (tholman.com)

How to Center in CSS (howtocenterincss.com)