Web Design Weekly #181


15 Years of Dao

If you are relatively new to this “Web Design” thing you may not have read John Allsopp’s A Dao of Web Design. Over the years John’s article has been the most influential web design article and this year the team at A List Apart have compiled a large list of thoughts by amazing people. Without further ado, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy the words of wisdom. (alistapart.com)

Paul Rand, the Visionary Who Showed Us That Design Matters (wired.com)

The New Colossal Bundle: $20,271 worth of Premium Goodies – From $59

Inky Deals just launched the biggest design bundle ever. Everything you could possibly need is in this bundle – from stock images to premium PS & Ai add-ons and even web templates! And they’ve offered us an exclusive $9 discount coupon: use the code INKY9 at checkout.(inkydeals.com)


The Rise of TypeScript

TJ VanToll writes an epic post about the rapid rise of TypeScript and what the future holds. Great reading. (developer.telerik.com)

Let’s stop breaking the affordance of scrolling

I must say I’m guilty of adding a big screaming down arrow to a design recently, but thankfully this post has given me some motivation to amend that in the coming weeks. If you’re not a fan of a big screaming scroll arrow you will love this post. (medium.com)

Will Deep Links Ever Truly Be Deep?

It’s quite hard to summarise this article up in a couple of sentences but Scott Rosenberg has gone “deep” into deep linking. So much history and interesting areas he covers. (medium.com)

Backend Apps with Webpack – Part III

James Long, a super talented developer who works for Mozilla just published his final post on Backend Apps with Webpack. This post focuses on hot patching node code with his new Webpack loader. (jlongster.com)

What nobody tells you about “will-change” (cssmojo.com)

Tools / Resources


A Chrome Extension that looks for stylesheets and style blocks on the webpage it’s run against and groups declarations together for easy inspection. (cssdig.com)

High performance HTML

Quite a refreshing post by Sam Dutton. As most performance articles look into JavaScript and image optimisation, server configuration, file minification and concatenation poor old HTML often gets neglected. (samdutton.wordpress.com)


If you’ve ever argued with your team about the way your JSON responses should be formatted this handy resource should help to quickly resolve those discussions. Also a great resource if you are building your first JSON API. (jsonapi.org)

Useful Compass Features for Web Development

In this article, George Martsoukos covers eight Compass features that can help us build more robust sites. (sitepoint.com)

WebGL Fundamentals

WebGL lessons that start with the basics. (webglfundamentals.org)


Pricing – How much should I charge for my work? (medium.com)

Ghost’s Public Revenue Dashboard (blog.ghost.org)


Design Manager at Optimizely

The Optimizely design team is composed of product and communication designers, UX researchers, and UI engineers. This role combines developing and scaling a world-class team of designers with relentlessly advocating for the best possible experience for our customers. (optimizely.com)

Designer at Shopify

Shopify is looking to grow the team responsible for building the next generation of commerce. As a designer, you’ll work alongside some of the most talented people in the industry crafting world-class experiences for over 150,000 shop owners across the world. (shopify.com)

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Last but not least…

A Self Coding Pen (codepen.io)