Web Design Weekly #180


Loading CSS without blocking render

This article by Keith Clark demonstrates a technique to get content in front of visitors as quickly as possible by asynchronously downloading stylesheets to prevent them from blocking page render. (keithclark.co.uk)

Rendering Performance

A new and very informative section on Googles Web Fundamentals performance section by Paul Lewis. (developers.google.com)

JCF: Easy form elements customization

Styling file input forms, radio-buttons, and scrollbars is no longer a pain. Meet JCF, a unique and powerful script for smooth cross-browser customization of form elements with CSS. The best part is that JCF is absolutely free. Give it a test drive today! (psd2html.com)


Introduction to the CSS will-change Property

Nick Salloum looks at the CSS ‘will-change’ property, what it is, when and how to use it and how not to use it. It’s a great overview of the important parts with some quick examples. (sitepoint.com)

Writing client-side ES6 with webpack

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains how to write ECMAScript 6 code with Webpack. A nice step-by-step post. (2ality.com)

It’s Not about You, It’s about WordPress

Derek Herman has just been asked to contribute to the WordPress Core on behalf of Envato. This is his story so far. (inside.envato.com)

A Primer To Background Positioning In CSS

Applying background images to elements is probably one of the most used features in CSS, and many background properties exist that allow us to control different aspects of an element’s background. (blogs.adobe.com)

Advanced Performance Audits with DevTools (paulirish.com)

Be experienced, not cynical. (jamisondance.com)

Tools / Resources

Living Style Guide Tools In-depth Overview

Living Style Guides are here to help us transform our Front-end codebase into well-described pattern libraries with minimal efforts. Not always an easy task. In this article Robert Haritonov looks into the best tools to help make this a reality. (medium.com)

My React List

If you’re a beginner, this list should help you get a feel of the React community vibe, tools and libraries and their authors, and future directions. (medium.com)

Faster Font Loading with Font Events

A nice step by step post Jonathan Suh on how he went about setting up Font Events for his site. (jonsuh.com)

Accessibility Wins

A site showcasing accessible user interfaces. (a11ywins.tumblr.com)

Five Ways to Secure Your WordPress Plugins (vaultpress.com)

Building Better Interfaces with SVG (slides.com)

BEM 101 (css-tricks.com)


Hacking Foosball (learnosity.com)

Jony’s Patience (medium.com)


Product Designer at Dropbox

We’re looking for a driven Product Designer to refine Dropbox’s simplicity and apply it to new, amazing and beautiful user experiences. Dropbox has a bunch of projects in the pipeline and we have an ongoing cycle of revamping our entire experience across web, client and mobile. (dropbox.com)

UX Designer at Booking.com

Booking.com – planet Earth’s #1 accommodation website – is looking for the world’s smartest designers. As a member of our Front End team you’ll be given the freedom to make meaningful and measurable improvements impacting millions of people. (booking.com)

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Last but not least…

Responsive Report 2014 (gridsetapp.com)