Web Design Weekly #177


On the Wrist…

It’s been coming for a while but it’s all about to change in a few weeks. In this post Luke Wroblewski explores some open questions that only time will answer. (lukew.com)

WebApp install banners in Chrome 42 (updates.html5rocks.com)

Wow, what a response last week! Get rid of your noisy neighbours from £17.50

Save money on our powerful dedicated server solutions, the stock is running out! We carry a full range of servers with 24×7 UK support, Control panel, Reboot & KVMoIP requests, alerting & monitoring as standard – UK Based. No minimum contract – pay monthly. (easyspace.com)


Smarter CSS builds with Webpack

If you have heard about Webpack being awesome but haven’t had the time to check it out, hopefully this post by Ben Smithett can inspire you. Ben doesn’t go into the nitty gritty of Webpack as such, he just shows you how to bundle your CSS into each component. (bensmithett.com)

Inlining critical CSS for first-time visits

The idea of inlining critical CSS has been around for a little while now and in this post Jeremy Keith documents how he went about it on a recent project. If you are serious about performance, make some time to read this. (adactio.com)

More Transparent UI Code with Namespaces

Harry Roberts explores the idea of utilising namespaces in CSS to help explain exactly how classes behave in a more global sense. He also managed a nice follow up post about Immutable CSS. Both are great reads. (csswizardry.com)

Detecting injected content from third-parties on your site

Paul Kinlan explains how to aggregate many of the content injections occurring across your site and why you should be moving to HTTPS as soon as possible. (paul.kinlan.me)

You should start using Browsersync today

Couldn’t agree more with Donny Wals. This post is a nice introduction into Browsersync and how to get started. (blog.donnywals.com)

Design advice for developers

Five simple tips to help you become more design aware by Joel Glovier, who is a designer at GitHub. (joelglovier.com)

Why We Are Converting to React (crashlytics.com)

Fuzzy Scoring Regex Mayhem (james.padolsey.com)

Tools / Resources

What Does My Site Cost?

Find out how much it costs for someone to use your site on mobile networks around the world. Built by the very talented Tim Kadlec. A great resource. (whatdoesmysitecost.com)

Animation Timeline in Chrome DevTools

A sweet looking video by Paul Irish that is labled as “coming soon” but this little reddit question “The secret extra tools within Chrome’s dev tools” says it is available now. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to try so don’t hold my word for it. Good luck. (youtube.com)

The Path to Performance

A great slide deck by Katie Kovalcin that focuses on bringing change to the way we view performance inside organisations. Maybe flick this one to your boss 🙂 (speakerdeck.com)

AtomPair – Pair Programming for Atom.io

The team at Pusher take pair programming pretty seriously. So much so they built an amazing looking Atom package that enable pair programming in GitHub’s Atom editor. Looks really handy. (blog.pusher.com)

Most common git screwups/questions and solutions (41j.com)

Google Web Fonts now published on GitHub(github.com)

Twitters new Design blog – @Design(blog.twitter.com)


The Design Details Podcast with Tim Van Damme

Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin talk to Tim Van Damme. Personally one of my favourite designers of all time who always has something interesting and inspiring to say. Enjoy. (designdetails.fm)

Flipside – seamlessly transitions from action to confirmation (lab.hakim.se)

To the young designer (medium.com)


Front End Engineer at Yelp

Join Yelp’s Front-end team and help build a modern, style guide-driven UX for our 138 million users! We’re looking for people who love good code and working closely with design, product and other engineers to make great features. (yelp.com)

Product Designer – UX/UI at Zendesk

Zendesk is seeking a Product Designer (UX/UI) to join our expanding Melbourne Team. You’ll play a key role in the design of our leading, cloud based Customer Service Platform with over 300 million users worldwide. (zendesk.com)

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Last but not least…

Responsive Images – Video course

In this Udacity course you will learn how to work with images on the modern web, so that your images look great and load quickly on any device. This course aims to help you pick up a range of skills and techniques to smoothly integrate responsive images into your development workflow. (udacity.com)

Break Up With IE8 (breakupwithie8.com)