Web Design Weekly #174


Font Loading Revisited with Font Events

The talented Scott Jehl explains how they are saving their users from the dreaded FOIT (Flash of Invisible Text) by using font events and a clever polyfill. (filamentgroup.com)

How Flipboard Chose Form Over Function (farukat.es)

Get Shit Done PRO – Premium Bootstrap HTML/PSD Kit

The kit is made on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap, to make it look amazing and also includes a PSD version. Give your project a fresh look and choose from the collection of beautiful pre-defined components to create the website that meets your needs. (creative-tim.com)

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Accessibility vs User Experience

Has the pursuit of jank elimination come at the cost of accessibility? Yes, for now, but in the end we will look back on these techniques as hacks to get around subpar browser rendering performance. (rachelnabors.com)

Making the case for Progressive Javascript

Jed Watson helps us move past the maligned term “Isomorphic JavaScript” by elaborating on a viable alternative coined by Mark Dalgleish, “Progressive JavaScript. (medium.com)

Chainable BEM modifiers

Jordan Lewis from Envato explains how adopting the BEVM convention and introducing chainable modifiers has been instrumental in allowing them to build a super flexible UI Library. (envato.com)

Better SVG Fallback and Art Direction With The ‘picture’ Element (sarasoueidan.com)

How we built the new BBC Homepage (bbc.co.uk)

The Case for Flux (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

FLIP Your Animations

Paul Lewis explains how you can get animations running at 60fps by following the FLIP principle. (aerotwist.com)


A tool for in-browser design and general front-end development. reGrid.js overlays the fluid grid you specify for each viewport width. (finelysliced.com.au)


A simple, accessible and customisable HTML5 audio and video player with support for VTT captions. The best part is it’s just 4KB minified and gzipped. (plyr.io)


A jQuery plugin that provides a quick and easy way to manage dates for input fields. (felicegattuso.com)

First look at App Development in Angular2 (youtube.com)

Becoming a Jekyll God (medium.com)


Side projects and Startups by Collis Ta’eed (rubyconf.eventer.com)

ShopTalk show #153 with Mark Otto (shoptalkshow.com)

Animated Text Fills (tympanus.net)


Front End Engineer at Yelp

Join Yelp’s Front-end team and help build a modern, style guide-driven UX for our 138 million users! We’re looking for people who love good code and working closely with design, product and other engineers to make great features. (yelp.com)

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From The Blog

Preparing for ECMAScript6

Dennis Gaebel looks at the upcoming version of the ECMAScript standard and explains why you should start using it today. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last but not least…

Respond Conference

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