Web Design Weekly #173


Client-side MVC’s Major Bug

Tim Kadlec expresses some very valid concerns about the current situation with most client-side MVC frameworks. (timkadlec.com)

Can Web Design Beat the Machines? (daverupert.com)

Win A Big Trip To That Big Tech Festival

Win a trip to everyone’s favorite tech festival. This March, one lucky winner and a friend will have the opportunity to attend the festival-that-cannot-be-named in style, get VIP access to the coolest parties, and meet some of the top thought leaders in the tech world. Apply Now. (generalassemb.ly)


60FPS on The Mobile Web

The talented team at Flipboard have gone above and beyond to achieve a truly outstanding mobile experience. A great article that looks at some of the challenges we face today and an introduction into the newly released React Canvas. (engineering.flipboard.com)

Transitioning to SCSS at Scale

Dan Na explains how the Etsy team transitioned their 400,000+ lines of CSS to SCSS. A great insight into how complex CSS can be inside a large company. Make time for this! (codeascraft.com)

Links are broken

A thoughtful article looking into “link distraction” and some great solutions to make online reading easier. (medium.com)

What will save us from the dark side of CSS pre-processors?

Lyza Danger Gardner shares some thoughts about why it is important to have an understanding of CSS when working with CSS pre-processors to build great products. (alistapart.com)

The 15 Commandments of Front-End Performance (alexsexton.com)

When can a website be over 1mb? (dbushell.com)

The Curse of a Mobile Strategy (uie.com)

Tools / Resources

CSS Animation

A new site developed by Donovan Hutchinson that focuses on CSS animations. He also has a good write up on his personal blog about the process which is worth reading. (cssanimation.rocks)

Responsible Social Share Links

Jonathan Suh gives a great introduction into how you can setup sharing links on your site without all the overhead that comes with the normal copy & paste snippets provided. #perfmatters. (jonsuh.com)

BrowserSync 2.0

The talented team behind BrowserSync just released a new version which has some awesome new features. If you aren’t using BrowserSync already, this is a perfect opportunity to make the jump! (wearejh.com)

Colorable – Color combination contrast tester

Colorable takes a set color palette and shows contrast values for every possible combination. This is useful for finding safe color combinations with predefined colors. It also includes pass/fail scores for the WCAG accessibility guidelines. (jxnblk.com)

Do not use jQuery’s hide() method. Ever. (github.com)

Reapp – Hybrid apps, fast. (reapp.io)


Respond Conference – Australia

Whether your role in bringing modern, responsive Web designs to life is technical, creative, strategic, or a mixture of all, RESPOND will help you make better decisions. Use the discount code WDW to receive up to $200 off the full price. (webdirections.org)

Five Easy Ways to Be a Better Web Professional (viget.com)

Google I/O 2015 – offline web app (events.google.com)

Bouncy Navigation (codyhouse.co)


Front End Engineer at Yelp

Join Yelp’s Front-end team and help build a modern, style guide-driven UX for our 138 million users! We’re looking for people who love good code and working closely with design, product and other engineers to make great features. (yelp.com)

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Last but not least…

An Algorithm to Extract Looping GIFs From Videos (zulko.github.io)