Web Design Weekly #172


Using Flexbox today

A strategy of how you can enhance your layouts with Flexbox today without having to wait around for browsers to catch up. Included are some suggestions of possible layout enhancements, tips, and common issue troubleshooting as well as some step by step examples of the card pattern and the split screen layout pattern. (chriswrightdesign.com)

“A Web For Everybody” by Marcy Sutton (vimeo.com)

You know how to code, but how are your design skills?

Do you ever wish your websites & apps looked more “professional”? Take one of our online design courses with hands-on projects & 1-on-1 mentoring from expert designers — we guarantee you’ll see an improvement in your work. Sign up today! (trydesignlab.com)


The God Login

Jeff Atwood at his best. In this article Jeff explores “Logging in”. Something that seems so trivial. A simple form with two fields, a link, and two buttons. And yet it’s often extremely complex and confusing. (blog.codinghorror.com)

On writing maintainable front-end systems

Karolina Szczur from &yet explains why introducing structure helps bring cohesiveness and also empowers less front-end savvy members to improve. (blog.andyet.com)

Visual Design might be a thing

An interesting read by Mark Boulton about how he has adjusted his thinking around the term ‘Visual Design’. (markboulton.co.uk)

A Look Inside Design at Airbnb (blog.invisionapp.com)

Tools / Resources

Codrops CSS Reference

An extensive CSS reference with all the important properties and info to learn CSS from the basics. Sara Soueidan also did a nice post about the finer details. (tympanus.net)

React.js Conf – playlist

A great playlist from the recent React.js conference. If you are having a slow day at work I would highly recommend watching them all. (youtube.com)


A command line tool which generates documentation for your existing frontend code in seconds. (jameschambers.co)

Flexible folded corner with SCSS & Compass (codepen.io)

HTML5 Boilerplate – 5.0 (github.com)

PhantomJS – 2.0 (github.com)


Respond Conference – Australia

Whether your role in bringing modern, responsive Web designs to life is technical, creative, strategic, or a mixture of all, RESPOND will help you make better decisions, and create more engaging, high performance and attractive products. (webdirections.org)

Designing Twitter Video

A look into the design and prototyping process of the new Twitter Video by Paul Stamatiou. (paulstamatiou.com)

Developer Tea – Podcast

Small bite-sized episodes by Jonathan Cutrell. (developertea.com)


Designer at Dropbox

We’re looking for a driven Product Designer to refine Dropbox’s simplicity and apply it to new, amazing, and beautiful user experiences. Dropbox has a bunch of projects in the pipeline, and we have an ongoing cycle of revamping our entire experience across web, client, and mobile. (dropbox.com)

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From The Blog

React.js CSS transitions

This article explores the creation of an interface component to apply React.js CSS transitions on initial render. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last but not least…

The Gooey Effect (css-tricks.com)