Web Design Weekly #170


A Vision for Our Sass

A cracking post by Felicity Evans that covers some of the current difficulties with Sass and how to best approach them. (alistapart.com)

Master Version Control with Git

The best Git client for Mac. Trusted by over 40,000 users in companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Twitter. Try it for free for 30 days! (git-tower.com)


Strategies for getting feedback (and not hating it)

The talented Jonas Downey gives us a look behind the scenes of how his team captured invaluable feedback whilst working on some core Basecamp features. (signalvnoise.com)

Git Bisect and Why it is Amazing

Personally I haven’t used `git bisect` but after reading this post by Justin Sainton that explains a real world use case it’s now on my to-do list. (zao.is)

How Evernote handles their Sass Architecture

Ryan Burgess explains the finer details of Evernotes Sass architecture including how they use Grunt Sassy Clean to find and clean up unused Sass modules which seems pretty awesome. (blog.evernote.com)

Flux For Stupid People

If you have been meaning to dive into Flux then this is your post. (blog.andrewray.me)

The Most Over-Engineered Blog Ever (jlongster.com)

Search Box Variations (viget.com)

Tools / Resources

Prototyping Tools

Stephen Meszaros looks into the pros and cons of some of today’s most popular prototyping tools and applications. (stephenmeszaros.com)

Zero element loading animations

Mike Riethmuller explains how a loading state can be applied to any element with just the addition of a class name. Great post. (madebymike.com.au)

Code Review Checklist

A great introduction to why checklists are a great tool in code reviews by the talented Fog Creek team. (blog.fogcreek.com)

CSS Buddy

A Sketch plugin that allows you to use CSS on layers. (github.com)


What Doesn’t Seem Like Work?

If something that seems like work to other people doesn’t seem like work to you, that’s something you’re well suited for. Some really amazing words by Paul Graham. (paulgraham.com)

Becoming a better developer (pippinsplugins.com)


WordPress Theme Developer

Are you a WordPress theme developer that sweats the details? Are you a passionate developer that is always trying to improve? If so, please be in touch to find out more. (web-design-weekly.com)

Have a web design job you need to fill?

From the blog

GSS: Layout Reimagined

In this article Dennis Gaebel looks into Grid Style Sheets to see if it’s the way forward for layouts on the web. (web-design-weekly.com)

RICG-Responsive-Images WordPress Plugin

Tim Evko gives the low down on a new WordPress plugin that he and a bunch of talented developers have been working on that brings responsive images to the WordPress platform. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last but not least…

Scaling El Capitan, for Your Browser

Remeber Dawn Wall? In this article Shan Carter goes behind the scenes of the awesome interactive that did the rounds. (nytimes.com)