Web Design Weekly #17


6 Billion

The Next 6 Billion

Do you want to make shiny products for the privileged for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?

Facebook HTML5

Build the Future with HTML5

Early this week Facebook released the HTML5 Resource Center. Actually they released three new HTML5 resources to help developers learn from their experience and the experience of other industry leaders building HTML5 apps. (facebook.com)

Step inside the map with Google MapsGL (Great Video!) (googleblog.blogspot.com)

A Smoking Hot Web GL Slide Deck! (webgl.appspot.com)

10K Apart Winner – BytesJack (aneventapart.com)


Techniques for High-Contrast-Friendly Icons

CSS background images are the most popular means of using image sprites, but this technique can cause problems for users of High Contrast mode in Windows. Background images are disabled when High Contrast mode is enabled, causing all sprites to disappear. (yaccessibilityblog.com)

Responsive Web Design Demystified

What exactly is responsive design, and how do you create a responsive website? This tutorial explains the concepts, and walks you through the basic steps for creating a responsive website layout. (elated.com )

Organizing Mobile

Aligning with mobile behaviours also naturally aligns your website with real-world needs. Since a mobile experience can be accessed anywhere and everywhere, you need to think through how it can be useful to people wherever they may be. (alistapart.com)

Chirs Coyier goes into detail about working with design patterns (surveymonkey.com)

The UI Guide (Part 2: Backgrounds, Forms, and Texture) (galp.in)

How To Pick A Great Designer (folyo.me)

Tools / Resources

Designing for Emotion & Mobile First Bundle

Two books, one great deal. Aarron Walter’s Designing for Emotion demonstrates accessible strategies and memorable methods to help you make a human connection through design. Then, learn data-driven techniques that will make you a master of mobile with Mobile First.

Rawkes Weekly

Rob Hawkes, the Technical Evangelist at Mozilla has been doing a weekly blog roundup. He tends to focus a little more on Canvas, HTML5 Games and recent JavaScript news. Well worth keeping an eye on! (rawkes.com)

The CSS Display Property: A Reintroduction To A Familiar Friend (vanseodesign.com)

Bleeding Edge HTML5 (slide deck – check out the demos!) (bleedinghtml5.appspot.com)

Braindump on Responsive Web Design (Screencast) (css-tricks.com)

CSS Lint (v0.7.0 just released) (csslint.net)

iOS 5 GUI PSD (iPhone 4S) (teehanlax.com)

-Prefix-Free (leaverou.com)


Beautifully crafted web apps

MiniApps is the online home of Alex Gibson, a freelance web and mobile developer based in the United Kingdom. Alex builds high quality mobile apps and his site has a nice small showcase which is worth checking out. (miniapps.co.uk)

Last But Not Least…

Google’s WebGL book case

Press “H” for the debug menu. (chromeexperiments.com)