Web Design Weekly #168


Flexbox adventures

During the last year we have seen some really great articles about Flexbox and this one by Chris Wright is no exception. If you are on the Flexbox train or keen to dive in, be sure to check this out. (chriswrightdesign.com)

WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” (wordpress.org)


Performance Impact of Popular JavaScript MVC Frameworks

The talented Filament Group look into some popular JavaScript MVC frameworks such as Angular, Backbone, and Ember to see how performant they are. Great post! (filamentgroup.com)

Capability Reporting with Service Worker

Service Worker is shaping up to be a bit of a game changer and in this post Ilya Grigorik goes into some detail about on how it works. (igvita.com)

An Overview of SVG Sprite Creation Techniques

There are several ways to create SVG sprites, and this article gives an overview of three of them. It also digs into some of the tools to help automate sprite creation. (24ways.org)

Design Considerations: Text on Images

Erik D. Kennedy wrote an epic article on Medium and Chris Coyier took it one step further and coded some of the example. I feel we need more of this radness! (css-tricks.com)

Maintaining JavaScript Code Quality with ESLint (paypal-engineering.com)

Things that will make you a better developer (christoph-rumpel.com)

Building The Guardian (speakerdeck.com)

Tools / Resources

The State of Web Type

A project by Bram Stein to collate and display up-to-date browser support data for web fonts and typographic features on the web. (stateofwebtype.com)

How to Use npm as a Build Tool

Today build tools are an important part of any front-end developer’s workflow. Grunt and Gulp are the most popular, but Keith Cirkel suggests you should check out npm. (keithcirkel.co.uk)

CSS Animation for Beginners

A great in-depth article by Rachel Cope that walks through the basics of CSS animation. If you are still waiting to get your “animation” on, this is a perfect starting point. (thoughtbot.com)

Graph your web performance metrics! (perfplanet.com)

Better webfont loading with using localStorage (bdadam.com)


A love letter to WordPress (the-pastry-box-project.net)

CSS-only Calendar App Concept (codepen.io)

Elastic SVG Elements (tympanus.net)

Redesigning SoundCloud (medium.com)


Front End Developer @ Campaign Monitor

At Campaign Monitor, we sweat every detail of the customer experience. We’re looking for talented front end developers who can work closely with our UX and engineering teams to make sure we deliver a delightful, rock-solid interface for our customers. (campaignmonitor.com)

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