Web Design Weekly #167


How to make a performance budget

Daniel Mall noticed lots of people writing and talking about performance budgets lately, but hadn’t seen anyone exhaustively explain how to make one. So he did it himself. Thumbs up Dan! (danielmall.com)

The Offline Cookbook

The when/where/how of caching and serving content offline-first by Jake Archibald. (jakearchibald.com)

The State of JavaScript in 2015 (breck-mckye.com)

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Reactive MVC and the Virtual DOM

An awesome post by Andre Medeiros. Andre talks about how frameworks come and go, but what remains are the good ideas that they brought to the development world. (futurice.com)

There is No Fold

Luke Wroblewski went on a pretty great twitter tear debunking the persistent myth of “the fold” in contemporary web design and Welch Canavan put all those tweets together for easy reference. (storify.com)

Responsible Web Components

Jeremy Keith adds his “two cents” about Web Components. (adactio.com)

The Pain of Duplicate Scripts

Steve Souders drops some great knowledge on how to avoiding the performance implications that duplicate scripts can cause (perfplanet.com)

Building Pinalytics – Pinterest’s data analytics engine (pinterest.com)

Everybody Scrolls (hugeinc.com)

The future of CSS (xanthir.com)

Tools / Resources

Implementing a visual CSS testing framework

Jessica Dillon from Bugsnag goes into details about how they do automated visual CSS testing. If you have a large CSS codebase, or just keen to reduce the possibilites of breaking your layout, this is a highly reccomended read. (bugsnag.com)

Find the Prototyping Tool You Need

Find the prototyping tool you need and compare tools to find the one that fits all of your design needs. (prototypingtools.co)

SVG Loaders

A nice selection of SVG loading icons which could come in handy for your next project. (github.com)

Sass Compatibility

A site that helps developers find out the incompatibilities between different Sass engines. Kinda like a Can I Use for Sass. Great idea! (github.com)

Write the Docs

A place for people to find out more information about writing better documentation. (writethedocs.org)

Responsive Type and More With Only CSS (medium.com)


Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge

So awesome to look over the shoulder of one of the best designers on this planet. Inspiring stuff. (vimeo.com)

CSS peeling text demo (codepen.io)


Web Design Instructor for Tuts+

Here’s the challenge; we want you to teach our students how to design for the web. We’re looking for web designers to teach video-based courses at Tuts+. Get paid a competitive rate to share your knowledge and experience with the millions of students using Tuts+ every month. (tutsplus.com)

From the blog

The Challenging Period

As developers we are constantly exploring, pushing our knowledge, questioning what we are crafting and all too often confused as hell. This post is a little reminder that at times like these we need to embrace the moment and step up. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

Skeleton – A dead simple, responsive boilerplate.(getskeleton.com)

Doubling SVG FPS Rates (princeton.edu)