Web Design Weekly #166


Introduction to Service Worker

Rich offline experiences, periodic background syncs, push notifications— functionality that would normally require a native application—are coming to the web. Matt Gaunt explains. (html5rocks.com)

What’s new in the second edition of Ethan Marcotte’s RWD book (alistapart.com)

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What It Takes to Build a Website

Well it’s already that time of year and the awesome 24 Ways blog is back. In the first article, Drew McLellan proposes the idea of reconsidering the tools we use to build websites. (24ways.org)

A Brief History of Web Design for Designers

Instead of debating whether designers should learn code or developers should learn design, Sandijs Ruluks covers how design for the web evolved and how we could bridge the gap between code and design. (froont.com)

Clipping and Masking in CSS

Chris Coyier clarifies the difference between Clipping and Masking. He also touches on the old syntax and provides loads of useful demos. Great post as always. (css-tricks.com)

Iterators gonna iterate

Jake Archibald explains ES6 iterators in great detail. (jakearchibald.com)

Keeping CSS short with currentColor

Osvaldas Valutis reminds us that not only is currentColor awesome, it can help with the size of our CSS. (osvaldas.info)

Customizing the WordPress Admin Experience for Clients

Lucy Beer runs through a handful of ways in which you can easily tweak the WordPress admin experience for your clients. (mediatemple.net)

Tools / Resources

Grunt And Gulp Tasks For Performance Optimization

A large selection of Grunt and Gulp tasks that the Yeoman team regularly use in their projects to keep things lean. (yeoman.io)

Getting Started with React and JSX

If you are interested in React but haven’t had time to dive in yet, this tutorial is a great place to start. (sitepoint.com)

Ten Principles for Effective Front-end Development (speakerdeck.com)

Regulex JavaScript – Regular Expression Visualizer (jex.im)

101 – A modern JS utility library (github.com)


Super nice framer.js examples (framerjs.com)

4D Monkeys (vihart.github.io)

What is an expert, anyway? (medium.com)


Front End Engineer at Yelp

Join Yelp’s Front-end team and help build a modern, style guide-driven UX for our 138 million users! We’re looking for people who love good code and working closely with design, product and other engineers to make great features. (yelp.com)

Frontend Developer at Blue Apron

Seeking jr devs to join our team which creates, implements beautifully responsive & optimized new features. Ultimately, the team’s main objective is to create culinary experiences that’ll have you eating your monitor in no time. Not sure? Check us out, then decide. (blueapron.com)

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Last But Not Least…

Does top-notch encryption make websites slower or faster?

HTTP vs HTTPS compares load times over unsecure HTTP and encrypted HTTPS connections. (httpvshttps.com)

The new Yandex browser (yandex.com)