Web Design Weekly #164



Jeremy Keith backs up John Gruber’s recent thoughts on “native apps are part of the web” but adds the main point about why URLs are what give the web its reach. (adactio.com)

Flow – A static type checker for JavaScript (flowtype.org)

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Performance Budget Metrics

Tim Kadlec over the years has done a lot of writing and has even built some tools around measuring performance budgets. In this latest piece he floats the idea of breaking the measurement of metrics into four categories – Milestone timings, SpeedIndex, Quantity based metrics and Rule based metrics. As always, great reading. (timkadlec.com)

Evolving Code – From the Crust to the Core

Jonathan Snook briefly talks about the approach that the Shopify team are trying to help create – the right balance of code quality as the team scales. (snook.ca)

Embracing HTTPS

In light of a growing number of cyber security and data privacy concerns, replacing HTTP with its secure alternative, HTTPS, is becoming increasingly important and this article gives 9 really good reasons why you should make it a priority. (blogs.nytimes.com)

Google is now helping users find mobile-friendly pages (blogspot.com)

Integrating D3.js visualizations in a React app (nicolashery.com)

Why Asana is switching to TypeScript (eng.asana.com)

Tools / Resources

Material UI – Material Design React Components

A CSS Framework and a Set of React Components that Implement Google’s Material Design. (material-ui.com)

FormKeep – Form endpoints for designers and developers

FormKeep generates a URL to use as your form’s endpoint. All you do is plug it in to your existing code and deploy. Looks pretty handy, especially if you are using a static site. (formkeep.com)

GitHub Todo’s

GitHub Todo’s is a git hook to convert your todo’s into GitHub issues. (github.com)


Top Open-Source Static Site Generators. (staticgen.com)

CSS Dig – Analyse your CSS in a new way (cssdig.com)

Anti-Patterns for Node.js Teams (youtube.com)

Website Style Guide Resources (styleguides.io)


Norway’s New Passport Design is a Thing of Beauty (psfk.com)

Government Going Open Source (techrepublic.com)

Drag and Drop Interaction Ideas (tympanus.net)


Frontend Developer

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From the Blog

Viewport units: vw, vh, vmin, vmax

An insight into the wonderful world of viewport units with some nice easy to digest demo. (web-design-weekly.com)

Shaking Hands with RequireJS

Dennis Gaebel gives a great overview and introduction into RequireJS to help you decide if it’s the right tool for you. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

Frame Timing – “real-world analytics for rendering”

Tracking rendering performance and frames per second out in the wild is a challenge for developers and in this video Paul Lewis explains to Jake Archibald about a proposed API that could help out. (youtube.com)