Web Design Weekly #161


The Specificity Graph

A great post by Harry Roberts proposing the idea of using a specificity graph to help maintain and improve your CSS codebase. Neat idea. (csswizardry.com)

The State of the Word 2014 (wordpress.tv)

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The Anti-hero of CSS Layout – “display:table”

Colin Toh explains how `display: table` can still be useful, especially if Flexbox is not an option. (colintoh.com)

Statically typed JavaScript

This blog post by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer looks at three initiatives for adding static typing to JavaScript: Microsoft’s TypeScript, Facebook’s Flow and Google’s AtScript. (2ality.com)

A sneak peek at the radically new Angular 2.0

Some major changes were revealed by the Angular team at the recent ng-europe conference in Paris. So what does the next generation of Angular have in store for us? (jaxenter.com)

For and against `let`

Kyle Simpson examines the case for one of the new features coming in JavaScript ES6: the ‘let’ keyword. ‘let’ enables a new form of scoping not previously accessible generally to JS developers: block scoping. Epic post! (davidwalsh.name)

Why did Google create Google Fonts and will the service ever go away? (typewolf.com)

jQuery 3.0: The Next Generations (blog.jquery.com)

Static File Cache Busting (developer.zendesk.com)

Tools / Resources

CSS Post-Processing With Pleeease

A post-processor applies changes to a CSS file after it’s been hand-coded or generated by a pre-processor. In this article Craig Buckler gives a great introduction into how you can integrate Pleeease into your workflow. (sitepoint.com)

Angular Schema Form

Generate forms from JSON schemas using AngularJS! (github.com)


This site is about finding the most badass words for your CSS hex colors. Oh and you can even rate the cool ones and submit your own! (bada55.io)


A lightweight, simple DOM utility made to run on a tight budget. (github.com)

Coolors – The super fast color palettes generator! (coolors.co)

Integrating Web Components with AngularJS (pascalprecht.github.io)


Well Workouts web app by NYTimes

A great example of a web app that works well across mobile, tablet and desktop. It works offline (using AppCache) and has a really nice “Add to Homescreen” prompt. (mobilewebappsftw.tumblr.com)

Slopes of San Francisco

A cool personal dataviz project by Jerome Cukier. (jeromecukier.net)

Mobile Is Eating the World (a16z.com)


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Last But Not Least…

Pocket Guide to Writing SVG now open-sourced! (svgpocketguide.com)

Web standards for the future (vimeo.com)