Web Design Weekly #15

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CSS Shaders

What are CSS Shaders?

David Storey explains what exactly the CSS Shaders proposal is, and how it relates to the existing proposals and technologies. He introduces the required terminology and explains what it can do. (dstorey.tumblr.com)



W3C Working Draft, 29th September 2011. (w3.org)

Discover the power of CSS3 selectors (netmagazine.com)


Creative Spark

Reigniting Your Creative Spark

As creatives, we usually have no shortage of good ideas. There are times, however, when inspiration and motivation elude us. Looming deadlines, fussy clients or uninteresting projects. Denise Jacobs provides some words of wisdom to reignite our spark. (alistapart.com)

Roll Your Own Framework With Backbone.js

Super informative tutorial from Julio Cesar Ody on how to build your own mobile framework with Backbone.js. (buildmobile.com)

Responsive Images Part 2: In-depth Look at Techniques (cloudfour.com)

Tools / Resources

Gradient App

The missing link between web designers and colours. Gradient app is a simple and useful app for Mac to help web designers speed up the creation of CSS gradients. (gradientapp.com)


For web developers to share documentation. DocPool is an effort to share and improve commonly used documentation in the web design & development community such as contract templates, user questionnaires, invoice layouts and more. (docpool.co)

LiveReload – CSS edits and image changes update the browser instantly. (livereload.com)

CSS Spec Terms, for Future Reference (xanthir.com)

jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller Preview (youtube.com)


Justin Windle’s “RAD” site!

Highly creative interactive developer with detailed knowledge and a broad skill set. (soulwire.co.uk)

Founders Talk – Tapbots (Episode #21)

Mark Jardine and Paul Haddad join Adam Stacoviak to talk about Tapbots, their side project turned business, designing and developing mobile applications on iOS, establishing and building trust and much more. (5by5.tv)

Fascinating HTML5 and CSS3 experiment (aprilzero.com)

Last But Not Least…

WDW – Version 2

So I have decided to role with the new layout out. Sorry to all the people who experience bugs, rest assured they will be all gone next week.

“Stay foolish, stay hungry”