Web Design Weekly #148


The Web Manifest specification

Marcos Cáceres and Bruce Lawson take a look at the current Manifest specification that is in early implementations in both Blink and Gecko. The specification is focused around making “installing” web apps on a user’s device indistinguishable. Something that is key for the web to be able to compete with proprietary app platforms. (html5doctor.com)

RWD Bloat

Dave Rupert does an analyses of his own site to understand if responsive design is at fault for bloated websites. Be sure to explore the comments as there is some really great discussions happening and check out – Part II. (daverupert.com)


How we make RWD sites load fast as heck

In this post, Scott Jehl outlines some recent observations and approaches to delivering sites for speed and broader access. He also showcases various tools that help the process. (filamentgroup.com)

CodePen’s CSS

Mr CSS (aka Chris Coyier) joins the party and talks about how the team at CodePen handle all things CSS. (codepen.io)

Responsive Web Made Easier with Chrome DevTools

Tomomi Imura dives into some new features that have been added to the Chrome Dev Tools recently, which look super awesome. The article is in-depth and covers lots of helpful information to take your development to the next level. (girliemac.com)

Full-width pinned layouts with flexbox

Zoe Gillenwater explains how to use flexbox to pin two things to opposite ends of the viewport with a heading centered in between. She even takes it a step further by utilising media queries and flexbox’s re-ordering capabilities to make it responsive. Super cool stuff! (zomigi.com)

Getting Started with Facebook’s ReactJS Library

Kirill Buga shares his experience getting started with the ReactJS Library from Facebook. (modernweb.com)

Speed Up Your WordPress Site

While WordPress is very easy to get up and running, making your site speedy requires a bit more work and is an ongoing process. In this article Chris Burgess covers why speed matters and offers some practical advice for how to speed up WordPress. (sitepoint.com)

Offline First is the new Mobile First (lukew.com)

Browserify vs. Webpack (mattdesl.svbtle.com)

Tools / Resources

CSS Triggers

Ever wondered what work different CSS properties trigger? Wonder no more! (csstriggers.com)


Jacket is a Compass component that prints or hides styles based on context variables you set in your stylesheet. Write and maintain a master stylesheet, then output custom tailored stylesheets for modern and legacy browsers, site and app builds, or any other context you can think of. (github.com)

WordPress SVG Spritemap plugin

SVG Spritemap is a WordPress plugin that lets you add SVGs with the Media Uploader, as well as create and manage an SVG spritemap from your Media Library. (github.com)

Advanced performance tooling in Chrome DevTools (youtube.com)

Eloquent JavaScript (2nd edition) – Must read! (eloquentjavascript.net)

Above-the-fold CSS Tools (github.com)

How to build a device lab (laraswanson.com)


A UX Idea: I know where you are aiming! (medium.com)

CSS-Only Animated ‘Reminder’ Placeholders (jsbin.com)

Image comparison slider with pure CSS (lea.verou.me)


Product Engineer at Dropbox

Product Engineers work on our flagship product teams like Dropbox for Business, Carousel, or Mailbox. We rely on them to do a variety of cross-functional, full-stack work (“whatever it takes to get the product out”). We’re looking for people who can take ownership of features and deliver an outstanding level of craft and polish to our customers. (dropbox.com)

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From The Blog

Migrate Blogging Platforms

What happens when you’re no longer happy with your current platform? How does one take what they already have and transport it to something completely different? In this post Dennis Gaebel takes a look at the top ways you as a blogger/CMS user can move from one system to another. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

A collection of awesome JavaScript libraries and resources (github.com)