Web Design Weekly #145


“RWD Is Bad for Performance” Is Good for Performance

Tim Kadlec talks about how the “responsive design is bad for performance” myth can actually be really good for performance. (timkadlec.com)

Making the mobile web fast, feature-rich, and beautiful (youtube.com)

Download the Creative Edge Design Bundle

With this massive bundle you’ll get icons, textures, banners and infographics. Audio players, video players, HTML5 templates, backgrounds, special effects, light effects and much more. In total, you’re looking at over $1,000 worth of creative design elements, all for one super low price of just $49. See what’s inside (mightydeals.com)


Clipping in CSS and SVG

In this article Sara Soueidan goes over the clipping techniques in both CSS and SVG, covering everything you need to know to get started. (sarasoueidan.com)

Pixels are expensive

How pixels get onto your users’ screens is something you should know about. Not for the sake of knowing, but because in order to be effective as a modern web developer you’re going to need to optimize for it. (aerotwist.com)

Behold, the Fold

If you are still having the argument about the fold with your stakeholders, this piece by Sophie Shepherd has some nice ammunition for your next conversation. (cognition.happycog.com)

Requiring vs Browserifying Angular(telerik.com)

The future of media queries?(slideshare.net)

Tools / Resources

Choose: Grunt, Gulp or npm?

Deciding on a technology is always hard. You don’t want to make commitments you won’t be able to back out of, but eventually you’ll have to make a choice and go for something that does what you need it to do. Committing to a build technology is no different in this regard: it’s an important choice and you should treat it as such. (blog.ponyfoo.com)

CSS Colorguard

Every CSS project starts out with good intentions, but inevitably, one too many people eye-dropper colors into nooks and crannies that you never knew existed. CSS Colorguard helps you maintain the color set that you want and warns you when colors you’ve added are too similar to ones that already exist. (github.com)

Web Font Browser Bugs

A collection of browser bugs related to fonts, web fonts and text rendering. (codepen.io)

Smart Fixed Navigation

A fixed navigation that allows your users to access the menu at any time. It’s smaller than a full-width fixed header and replaces the back-to-top button with an interesting UX solution. (codyhouse.co)

Metalsmith — An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator. (metalsmith.io)

Practical Examples For Learning The React Framework (tutorialzine.com)

Grunt CriticalCSS (github.com)


Jonathan Snook – CSS is a Mess

This talk by Jonathan Snook looks at how we get ourselves into a mess when writting CSS and also looks at how we can organise ourselves to create a more scalable, modular system that allows our projects and teams to grow. (vimeo.com)


Meeet is the place to find a collaborator to help you ship that side project left by the wayside. (meeet.co)

Inspecting Yosemite Icons (martiancraft.com)


Designer at Dropbox

If you’ve been following Dropbox for a while, you know that we like to keep things simple. We’re looking for a driven Product Designer to refine Dropbox’s simplicity and apply it to new, amazing and beautiful user experiences. (dropbox.com)

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From The Blog

Front End Security — You should be concerned about it

As a web developer, the security of your site or app should be a top concern, especially as those sites and applications become popular. Tim Evko takes a look at some common front end vulnerabilities, as well as ways to safeguard against them. (web-design-weekly.com)

SassyLists moving to 2.x

Hugo Giraudel shares his journey of building SassyLists. SassyLists is a toolbox providing almost 40 functions to help you out when working with Sass lists. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

Color Emoji in Windows 8.1 — The Future of Color Fonts? (opentype.info)

Farewell Node.js (medium.com)