Web Design Weekly #139


It’s OK not to use tools

Today, a basic HTML/CSS site seems almost passé. But why? Is it because our new tools are so significantly better, or because we’ve gone overboard complicating simple things? (signalvnoise.com)

Ridiculous Developers!

Expanding? We have devs that cost $0b1010000/hour. We invoice in binary. Trusted by Airbnb, Pfizer, Life360. Try a Toptal Dev for up to 2 weeks risk-free today! (toptal.com)

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Designing with a (Performance) Budget

Katie Kovalcin offers some wise advice on ways to incorporate another guideline into your design process. (cognition.happycog.com)

An Introduction To Node.js And MongoDB

Keen to dive into Node.js and MongoDB? This easy to follow article by Elliot Bonneville should help get you up and running in no time! (smashingmagazine.com)

Slash Page Load Times With CSS Font Subsetting

A quick overview by Dudley Storey on how to set up font subsetting to help increase the speed of your site. (demosthenes.info)

Getting to know CSS Blend Modes

CSS Blend Modes provide a way to specify how one layer will interact or “blend” with the one underneath. Until now, this was the domain of photo editing applications, but now they are available on the web using CSS. (dev.opera.com)

Mobile and Accessibility

Mobile has revolutionised the way we use the web. This is especially true of disabled users, for whom mobile devices open the door to a whole new spectrum of interactions. In this article TJ VanToll dives into some best practices we all should be trying to achieve. (smashingmagazine.com)

SVG `text` and Small, Scalable, Accessible Typographic Designs (css-tricks.com)

Why are mobile pages getting bigger? (webperformancetoday.com)

Tools / Resources

Grunt Devperf

This awesome Grunt task helps maintain quality by using phantomas and grunt-phantomas to gather metrics. (github.com)

Tumblr Boilerplate

The tumblr boilerplate is the simple basis of any good tumblr theme. Avoid slow setup times by developing your custom theme fast. (tumblrboilerplate.com)

Where is that console.log?

Have you ever had trouble tracking down a “console.log” statement? If so, this small snippet of code by Remy Sharp will help you identify where the log is being called from. (remysharp.com)

A (Not-Super-Technical) Designer’s Command Line Toolbox (medium.com)

Handy looking Bezier Curve Atom package (atom.io)

Learn Angular (learn-angular.org)

Socket.IO 1.0 (socket.io)


Sass Parallax example

Still doing parallax with JavaScript? You can do it with just CSS! (codepen.io)

Bridging the gap between design and code (hackingui.com)

Interview with Ryan Sims (thegreatdiscontent.com)

Last But Not Least…

<picture> lands in Chrome Canary (twitter.com)

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