Web Design Weekly #137



Some wise words by Jeremy Keith about how we need to be careful whilst we make experiences seamless. (adactio.com)

Guide to Using Modernizr responsibly (github.com.com)

Get more high-paying web design clients

Learn how to run a profitable web design business from the Marketing Director of a 14-year-old web design agency. Rated 4.5/5 stars, this video course is available through Web Design Weekly at an outstanding price of 80% off until the end of May. Get Started! (udemy.com)


The new srcset and sizes explained

Martin Wolf explains the new srcset and sizes syntax in an easily digestible manner. (martinwolf.org)

Parallax Done Right

Getting great performance with parallax is tough. Dave Gamache explains how to make it happen. (medium.com)

Removing User Interface Complexity, or Why React is Awesome

James Long has been doing some research into frameworks and libraries like Ember, Angular, and React during the past several months. This post focuses on React and why it proved to provide the best solution to his needs. (jlongster.com)

Rethinking DOM Traversal

Brian Rinaldi takes a look to see if DOM traversal can be done better without jQuery using vanilla JavaScript or do newer libraries have better approaches? (flippinawesome.org)

No more JS frameworks

Joe Gregorio lays down some strong thoughts about why we should stop writing JavaScript frameworks. (bitworking.org)

You’re a designer. Not the CEO. (medium.com)

Distributed Bug Tracking (sny.no)

Tools / Resources

Open-Source Projects – Filament Group

The talented folks from the Filament Group over the years have produced a large amount of awesome open-source code. They decided to create a dedicate home for all their goodies. (filamentgroup.com)


A small fast DOM and event library for modern browsers. Having the same familiar API as jQuery but without the extra “weight” of modules like $.ajax, $.animate and $.Deferred. DOMtastic works great alone or paired up with e.g. Backbone. The full version is only 7KB minified (2KB gzip). (webpro.github.io)

WTF, forms?

Mark Otto continues to release handy resources to make our life easier. This time he has created some helpful CSS for nicer HTML form controls. (wtfforms.com)

SVG for Everybody

This little script helps bridge the gap between SVG-capable browsers and those which do not support external SVG spritemaps. (github.com)

AniJS — Declarative handling library for CSS animations (anijs.github.io)

How to enable compression and Gzip for page speed (feedthebot.com)


Want to be fast?

A great slide deck from Patrick Hamann about setting a performance budget and tips on how to hit that goal. (speakerdeck.com)


A showcase of the very best redesigns from across the web. (redsgned.com)

A love letter to Twitter (stopdesign.com)


Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Front-End Web Developer

Front-End Web Developer is responsible for developing/maintaining code for the presentation layer of PBSi products. Responsibilities also include ensuring that the HTML, CSS, JavaScript performs efficiently, robustly, solidly and adheres to industry standards.(pbs.org)

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Last But Not Least…

Jest – Painless JavaScript Unit Testing

Facebook’s newly released JS testing library. It’s built on top of the Jasmine test framework, using familiar expect(value).toBe(other) assertions. (facebook.github.io)

Eight Terminal Utilities Every OS X Command Line User Should Know (mitchchn.me)