Web Design Weekly #130



A great brain dump by Trent Walton about how we as web designers should consider (and plan for) maximum reach and access, even when the final results might seem underwhelming or less immersive. (trentwalton.com)

Sass 3.3 is Released (sass-lang.com)

Speed up your App

New Relic is the leader in Web and Mobile app performance. Don’t let your users suffer from a slow site. Deploy today and get your Nerd Life shirt free! (newrelic.com)


Icon System with SVG Sprites

Chris Coyier has been head deep in SVG land for a little while now and in this post he explores using inline SVG’s and the element to reference an icon. Pretty freakin’ rad idea if I do say so! (css-tricks.com)

Why Node.js is becoming the go-to technology

Over the last 18 months the use of Node.js has grown at an exponential rate, it has moved from innovators to a group of early adopters that are giving Node.js the credibility required to take it into the mainstream. (nearform.com)

Error Handling in Sass

Keen to learn how to handle your errors in Sass? Hugo Giraudel has you covered. A great introduction. (tutsplus.com)

Is jQuery Too Big For Mobile?

TJ VanToll details how long it takes to load, parse and execute jQuery on mobile devices to determine if it’s a drag on performance. (flippinawesome.org)

Responsive Web Design – Defining The Damn Thing

Unlike many design disciplines, web design goes through cyclical discussions about how to define itself and what it does. In this post Mark Boulton looks at defining Responsive Web Design. (markboulton.co.uk)

Infinite scroll search-friendly recommendations (blogspot.com)

Tools / Resources

Lesser-Known JavaScript Debugging Techniques

Amjad Masad has been using the Chrome developer tools more and more during his development. In this short piece he shares some super handy techniques that you might not know about. (amasad.me)

The Latest in Web Font Trends

Ever since @font-face was introduced, our web font choices have grown tremendously each year. Web font trend data can help us make sense of all those new choices—and give insight into which typefaces are working well on the web. Jenn Lukas explores where we can find the data on what’s popular now and how we can use the information. (alistapart.com)

Geomicons Open – Open Source Icons for the Web (github.com)

GulpJS + SASS + BrowserSync FTW (shakyshane.com)

New features in PHP 5.6 (bram.us)

JSLA’s Videos (vimeo.com)

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Tim Berners-Lee on Reddit (reddit.com)

Share what you know (frankchimero.com)


Studio Manager at Campaign Monitor

At Campaign Monitor we’ve got a world-class design team, and more awesome ideas than we have hours in the day. We’re hiring a digitally-minded studio manager who’ll help keep us organised, focused and producing great solutions for our customers. (campaignmonitor.com)

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From The Blog

Your own device lab today

A quick glance at how you can use Chrome’s Emulate feature for mobile / tablet testing if you don’t have access to all the devices you need. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

You jacked my scroll bro (medium.com)

Fluent Conference 2014 Videos (youtube.com)