Web Design Weekly #126


Making the Envato Marketplaces Responsive

A great post by Jordan Lewis about some solutions they have developed to progressively convert the Marketplaces to be responsive in the near future.(envato.com)

Massive Discounts on Stock Photos

Stock images are expensive and that’s why we have a special deal: download up to 100 images of any size for just $99, any time over 1 year with no daily limit. Get 200 images for $160. See the deal. (mightydeals.com)


UI Animation and UX: A Not-So-Secret Friendship

Animation on the web has hit some pretty sad lows, there’s no arguing that. But adding motion to our work can be meaningful and functional, when we find the right circumstances. (alistapart.com)

Stop writing for loops. Start using underscore

How many for loops did you write today? This week? In this post, Joel Hooks tries to convince you to get on the underscore.js train. (joelhooks.com)

localForage: Offline Storage, Improved

localForage is a handy library that improves the offline experience of your web app by using asynchronous storage via IndexedDB or WebSQL where available but with a simple, localStorage-like API. (hacks.mozilla.org)

Would You Use An Offline WordPress Editor?

Eric Mann has put a proposal together for an editor that works offline and would synchronise to WordPress once an internet connection is established. (wptavern.com)

Floated Label Pattern with CSS Only (snook.ca)

CSS trickery and calc function (hugogiraudel.com)

Tools / Resources


InstantClick is a JavaScript library that dramatically speeds up your website, making navigation effectively instant in most cases. The way it works is it preloads websites in the time between link hover and link click. (instantclick.io)

RWD Table Patterns

Experimental table structure and behavior patterns based on progressive enhancement and responsive web design. (gergeo.se)

Measuring localStorage Performance

This post by Steve Souders explains how to measure localStorage performance as research into the maximum size of localStorage across various browsers. (stevesouders.com)


A great simple guide to the basics of responsive design. (adamkaplan.me)

PageRes – screenshots of websites in different resolutions (github.com)

Custom Elements – a web components gallery (customelements.io)

YUIConf 2013 videos released (yuiblog.com)

Yelp’s Front-End styleguide (yelp.com)


Shop Talk Show 101 with John Resig

A great episode in which Chris and Dave talk to John Resig. John is the creator of jQuery, the author of many development books and a passionate Japanese art collector. (shoptalkshow.com)

Whathecolor – a color game for web developers! (leaverou.github.io)

Open Device Lab, in a suitcase (medium.com)


Senior UX Designer for 99designs

We’re looking for an experienced UX Designer to help guide the future of our market-leading digital product suite. (99designs.com)

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Last But Not Least…

Don’t diss jQuery just yet!

While the opinion of “You Might Not Need jQuery” is great, developers should be aware that ditching libraries, like jQuery, can easily require large amounts of research to avoid bugs even in modern browsers. (docs.google.com)

Unicorn.js – a jQuery plugin for sweet cyclic rainbow text (github.com)