Web Design Weekly #121


Flexible CSS cover images

Nicolas Gallagher describes the inner workings of the flexible CSS cover images on his blog. As always, extremely insightful and well written. (nicolasgallagher.com)

Web Standards Killed the HTML Star (jeffcroft.com)

Teamwork for Pros

The only collaboration tool designed by web developers for web developers. Integrable with Springloops SVN/Git Source & Deploy and 100% FREE up to 10 users, it gives you everything you’ll ever need to run all kind of code-orientated projects. Get started now and see your projects grow in real-time. (dobambam.com)


Smooth image loading by upscaling

In this post, Nick Fisher discusses a technique that they use at SoundCloud to make the loading of images appear smoother and faster. (spadgos.github.io)

Ten reasons we switched from an icon font to SVG

The Lonely Planet team recently went through the task of transferring their icon font to SVG files. In this post Ian Feather covers why they did this along with some of the current limitations of SVG and how they got around them. (ianfeather.co.uk)

On interviewing front-end engineers

A few people have been writing about interviewing of late. This article by Nicholas Zakas is one of the standouts. (nczonline.net)

CSS Blend Modes could be the next big thing (medium.com)

Beyond Responsive (timkadlec.com)

Tools / Resources


A small Sass library for setting type on the web. It gives you an automatic, pixel-perfect, baseline grid across all textual HTML elements based entirely on just a few settings. Baseline grids without the headaches. (github.com)


A free toolkit for Quartz Composer that makes interactive design prototyping easy and doesn’t require programming. Created by the Facebook Design team. (github.io)

The Little Book Of Modern Front-end Tooling

A free open-source book introducing you to the world of tooling for modern web applications. (github.com)


Replicating and improving the lightbox module seen on Medium with fluid transitions. Hot! (codepen.io)

UI Names — Generate names for use in designs and mockups (uinames.com)

git add -p — The most powerful git feature you’re not using yet (johnkary.net)

Spacegray — A Hyperminimal UI Theme for Sublime Text (github.io)

Gulp, Grunt, Whatever (ponyfoo.com)


How to Get the Work You Want

Daniel Mall shares some good tips on getting the you want. An especially good read if you are stale with your current job. (danielmall.com)

Where the best designers go to find photos and graphics

A nice collection of resources for your next project. Photos, graphics, icons and more. (sitebuilderreport.com)

Beyond The Desktop conference videos (bdconf.com)

The Top 100 Pens of 2013! (codepen.io)

I Love Ligatures (iloveligatures.tumblr.com)


Web Developer At Yelp!

Our web developers are at the core of what makes Yelp the most fun and useful local business review guide. Whether it’s clean interfaces, scalable servlets, or testing frameworks, they kick ass at everything. They implement whole features independently, and they iterate fast: they release code everyday. (yelp.com)

From The Blog

The Aim for 2014

A little insight into how Web Design Weekly is going and a small glimpse into where things are headed. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

Respond Conference

An awesome looking conference featuring Ethan Marcotte, Brad Frost and Jason Grigsby! Use the code “WDW” to give yourself $100 off either a workshop or the conference – so $499 each, instead of $599! (webdirections.org)