Web Design Weekly #119


The Mozilla Developer Network has a New Face

The Mozilla Developer Network is without doubt one of the most valuable developer resources. The team behind it have been working hard and have just launched a new designer alongside some awesome new features. High fives to all involved! (mozilla.org)

CSSConf is coming to Australia! (cssconf.com.au)

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” (wordpress.org)

Massive font bundle

With 2,000 fonts in this mega bundle, the design world is your oyster. This collection is perfect for just about any type of project, be it logos, business cards, websites, posters, presentations, advertisements, and more. The license allows you to install the fonts on up to 10 computers. Sneak peek. (mightydeals.com)


Grunt is not weird and hard

If you haven’t found the time to explore Grunt.js then when you do this article my Chris Coyier should get to on the right track and convinced that it’s rad! (24ways.org)

The Responsive Hover Paradigm

Pairing CSS enhancements with the :hover pseudo-class allows us to add interesting events to websites. We have lots of power at our fingertips. However, with this power, we each have to ask ourselves: just because I can do something, should I? (24ways.com)

Let’s Do It! What Are We Doing?

Today is a great day. A new potential client has come knocking on your door, and they’d like to consider you for a project. Thrilling as it may be, your excitement quickly turns to anxiety as you realize that the next thing they want to know is “how much will it cost?” (alistapart.com)

The Web Needs Containment

As an industry we talk so much about “web vs native”, and yet actually the web doesn’t have the same notion of an application as other platforms. If we’re going to build the next generation of web apps we need to think about the primitives we need. (aerotwist.com)

How a blind person ‘sees’ the Internet (sfgate.com)

An Engineer’s guide to Stock Options (alexmaccaw.com)

CSS is for developers (lea.verou.me)

Tools / Resources

Type Rendering Mix

A handy script that will detect your browser’s text rasterizer and add two classes to your HTML element for you to easily hook into. (typerendering.com)

CloudGrid by the Pinterest team

CloudGrid is a lightweight jQuery plugin that positions elements within a grid. The grid follows a matrix model in which each cell has the same height and width. The distance between each cell is the same across the grid. (github.com)

Browser Sync

Keep multiple browsers & devices in sync when building websites. (github.com)

Headroom.js — Hide your header until you need it (nillia.ms)

Using Your Terminal From The DevTools (html5rocks.com)

Shared Grunt Configuration (thenittygritty.co)


How I Built Emojitracker

Emojitracker has processed over 1.8 billion tweets, and has been mentioned in approximately a gajillion online publications. From what was meant to be a weekend hack ended up becoming all-consuming project for Matthew Rothenberg. This post is a massive brain dump. (medium.com)

Work Life

Trent Walton at his best. In this post he opens up and shares a little bit about the other side of his life. Be sure to also read some of the great comments. (trentwalton.com)

This is a Website (zeldman.com)


Web Developer At Yelp!

Our web developers are at the core of what makes Yelp the most fun and useful local business review guide. Whether it’s clean interfaces, scalable servlets, or testing frameworks, they kick ass at everything. They implement whole features independently, and they iterate fast: they release code everyday. (yelp.com)

Front End Engineer at The Monkey Inferno

The Monkey Inferno is a startup idea lab where we work in small teams to dream up and build new consumer web products. We’re hiring a Front End Engineer to work on a variety of challenges — from established websites to experimental ventures to mobile webviews. (monkeyinferno.com)

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Last But Not Least…

Streamline Google web fonts requests (blogspot.com)

Why Bother with Accessibility? (24ways.org)

Vanilla JS vs jQuery (github.com)