Web Design Weekly #116


What Screens Want

Frank Chimero has taken his recent talk one step further and wrapped it up into a beautiful essay. (frankchimero.com)

Responsive Design Won’t Fix Your Content Problem

Responsive design itself won’t fix your content—no one ever said it would. But the opportunity to implement a responsive redesign is also the opportunity to fix your content and its underlying strategy. (alistapart.com)

Teamwork for Pros

The only collaboration tool designed by web developers for web developers. Integrable with Springloops SVN/Git Source & Deploy and 100% FREE up to 10 users, it gives you everything you’ll ever need to run all kind of code-orientated projects. Get started now and see your projects grow in real-time. (dobambam.com)


Are you using the hottest new framework?

Some wise words by Thomas Fuchs about why the “latest insert-buzzword-here” framework won’t solve all your problems. (mir.aculo.us)

Why Responsive Images Is So Hard?

Chris Coyier puts the “Responsive Images #hotdrama” into layman’s terms and offers some advice on what solution we can use at present. (css-tricks.com)

Why You’re Already an Expert

If you’re intimidated by Web Components or haven’t experimented with them yet, this post has a very simple message. If you’re already familiar with HTML elements and DOM APIs, you are already an expert at Web Components. (markdalgleish.com)

Reducing Boilerplate Code in Front-End Projects

Hans Christian Reinl looks at the problems we face and how we can solve them when using a boilerplate framework within projects. (thenittygritty.co)

Google Chrome Summit articles by Luke Wroblewski (lukew.com)

What Exactly Is….. The 300ms Click Delay (icenium.com)

Tools / Resources

Supercharge your Workflow in Sketch

Anytime we can avoid using the mouse by utilising shortcut keys is a good time. It’s one of the many habits that makes a good designer a great designer. This post covers 8 easy to learn shortcuts to increase your productivity. (medium.com)

Intro to the React Framework

In this article, Pavan Podila explores the building blocks of React and its style of thinking that may seem counter-intuitive at first. (net.tutsplus.com)

The Inuit.css Kitchen Sink

This nice resource was put together by Terabyte Interactive for internal purposes but have just open sourced it. It’s based on the powerful Inuit.css framework developed by Harry Roberts. (terabytenz.github.io)


Export your Photoshop icon layers as an icon web font, with a single click. (uiparade.com)

A Practical Guide to Organising a Successful Meetup (envato.com)

Web Performance at the New York Times (youtu.be)

Fun with Native Arrays (ponyfoo.com)


Building the Pencil product page

Nice post by Jonnie Hallman covering what went into building the awesome new Pencil page for FiftyThree. (destroytoday.com)

Collis Ta’eed – WP Elevation

In this WP Elevation, Troy Dean interviews Collis Ta’eed who is the CEO of Envato, home of ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver and more recently, Microlancer. (wpelevation.com)

Hours of great talks from previous Web Direction conferences (webdirections.org)

Control your lights with your voice and JavaScript (github.com)


Front-End Engineer at Yelp – San Francisco

Our front end engineers are the glue between our engineering team and the more than 108 million people who visit our site every month. Yelp is looking for a front end developer who walks the HTML, CSS and JavaScript stack with ease. In this role you would do everything from implementing new UIs and features to battling browser inconsistencies through daily release cycles. (yelp.com)

Post a job in a future issue of Web Design Weekly →

Last But Not Least…

Node Knockout Winners (nodeknockout.com)

Hacking Chrome DevTools (medium.com)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out for the interview I did with Collis.

    He is a true gentleman and inspiration to all of us building businesses in the WordPress ecosystem.

    I consider myself very lucky that I get to interview people like this as part of my job.

    Keep up the good work Jake.

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