Web Design Weekly #110


Strong words by Mr Coyier

Behind the scenes the CodePen team is dealing with a serious spam problem. Chris explains the current situation and shares his thoughts. I feel for you buddy! (the-pastry-box-project.net)


Flexbox layout isn’t slow

Thanks to a few blog posts about Flexbox some action was taken and now we all have a faster Flexbox to enjoy going forward. A few demos and data explain things clearly. (updates.html5rocks.com)

Node.js and the new web front-end

Node.js is powerful and opens up amazing possibilities for front-end developers. In this post Nicholas Zakas puts things into perspective and gives the thumbs up for jumping on the Node train. (nczonline.net)

Just Use [insert CMS here]! Or, Why I Still Love WordPress

A great post by Chris Coyier on why he still loves WordPress. Some really valid points on why moving to ‘X’ platform has no real advantage. (css-tricks.com)

Lightening Your Responsive Website Design With RESS

This Smashing Magazine article explains how to use RESS to make significant performance and reach improvements to a website for both mobile and desktop devices. (smashingmagazine.com)

Resetting styles using ‘all: unset’ in Firefox 27

The CSS Cascading and Inheritance specification adds a new shorthand named ‘all’ that can be used in conjunction with a new CSS-wide keyword ‘unset’. These can be used to the same effect as a reset style sheet which is pretty awesome! (mcc.id.au)

Now with Responsive!

Dan Mall recently redesigned his personal site to be responsive. During the process he captured lots of metrics and decided to open source it on GitHub. (danielmall.com)

Responsive Retinas Strike Back (roon.io)

Conical Gradients in CSS (css-tricks.com)

Development Is Design (bradfrostweb.com)

Tools / Resources

Gone In 60fps – Making A Site Jank-Free

What’s stopping your web pages from getting silky smooth scrolling, buttery animation and a user experience that’s snappy and fast? Jank-free rendering performance has been shown to positively affect user engagement and experience in many large sites, but remains an area many are unaware of how to diagnose or optimise. (addyosmani.com)

Thinking Inside The Box With Vanilla JavaScript

Louis Lazaris introduces some pure JavaScript features that you can use today that you might not have ever considered before. (smashingmagazine.com)


Generate a styleguide from your CSS, by adding YAML data in the comments. It generates a self-contained HTML file. Works great for component based CSS. Nice work Jorik Tangelder. (github.com)

How to Install Image Magick and Setup Paperclip

Handle file uploads and server-side image processing in your Rails 4 app with Paperclip and Image Magick. (robmclarty.com)

All about unicode and internationalisation (the-pastry-box-project.net)

WordPress Performance: From A to Z (mediatemple.net)

GitHub for Designers (teehanlax.com)


Groupon switches from Ruby on Rails to Node.js (groupon.com)

Rethinking Type Experience (vimeo.com)


Front-End Engineer at Yelp – San Francisco

Our front end engineers are the glue between our engineering team and the more than 108 million people who visit our site every month. Yelp is looking for a front end developer who walks the HTML, CSS and JavaScript stack with ease. In this role you would do everything from implementing new UIs and features to battling browser inconsistencies through daily release cycles. (yelp.com)

Senior Digital Designer at Campaign Monitor

Were looking for a world-class digital designer to bring their own style, expertise and wealth of experience to our team – and help continue pushing the brand and product to new and exciting places. (campaignmonitor.com)

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Last But Not Least…

Chris Eppstein – The Mind-blowing Power of Sass 3.3 (youtube.com)

BUG: Government occasionally shuts down (github.com)