Web Design Weekly #108


Designing In The Open

By sharing your thoughts, your successes, your failures, your techniques, your process, your resources, you’re able to have a much greater impact on the world than whatever happens to be in your project’s scope. Everyone wins! (bradfrostweb.com)


A one day conference with workshops the day before, that will get your skills upgraded and inspire you at the same time. (convergerva.com)

A whirlwind tour of Web Components with Polymer (addyosmani.com)

The Inferno of Independence (frankchimero.com)


Mobile Design Details: Avoid The Spinner

In most mobile applications adding progress bars or spinners when something is happening or loading is normal. While the intentions behind these progress indicators are good, the end result can actually turn out to be bad. (lukew.com)

A Guide to Perceived Performance

This article covers many different aspects of perceived performance of mobile websites as well as practical solutions to speed up your site. (mobify.com)

Why custom post types belong in plugins

This article by Justin Tadlock focuses on custom post types in “premium” themes, but it’s really about any features/functions that can be used to create content. (justintadlock.com)

Building An Online Magazine App For Windows 8

In this article by Marcus Wendt looks into creating a HTML5 app that runs natively on Windows 8. (smashingmagazine.com)

So, You’re A Web Designer, Right?

What is the role of a web designer nowadays? An article about the changes that came with the awareness of responsive web design and the new workflow of designing in the browser. (tympanus.net)

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Tools / Resources

Difficult CSS layouts made easier using Flexbox

This site is not another CSS framework. Instead, its purpose is to showcase problems once hard or impossible to solve with CSS alone, now made trivially easy with Flexbox. And with Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 6.1 now in beta, Flexbox will soon be supported in every modern browser. (philipwalton.com)

Devtools panel for PHP development

A Chrome extension for PHP development, extending Developer Tools with a new panel providing all kinds of information useful for debugging and profiling your PHP scripts, including information on request, headers, GET and POST data, cookies, session data, database queries, routes, visualisation of application runtime and more (chrome.google.com)


DevDocs is an all-in-one API documentation reader for developers. Super handy! It’s also in very active development so no doubt it will only be getting better. (devdocs.io)

Blend Me In

A large collection of icons right in Photoshop for free! (blendme.in)

Hiding Native HTML5 Video Controls in Full-Screen Mode (css-tricks.com)

Debug iOS 6+7 Mobile Safari using the Chrome DevTools (stackoverflow.com)

A quick introduction to CSS masking (youtube.com)

CSS Property Usage > Popularity (chromestatus.com)


The Making of Teehan+Lax

An inspiring company shares all in it’s true style. Enjoy! (teehanlax.com)


A list of all the HTTP response codes presented as if they were a collection of butterflies in SVG. Kinda random, but cool! (httpflies.com)

Flexing Pagination (hakim.se)

Start (lefft.com)


Contract Designer for Droplr

Droplr is on a continuing mission to power the best file sharing experience. We value simplicity, security, and speed. We currently have a number of design initiatives underway that span across the web and native clients that we need your help with. We’re looking for a talented designer who can handle a mix of product, interface, interaction, and marketing work. (droplr.com)

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Last But Not Least…

AppSeed on Kickstarter

A very interesting idea for prototyping mobile concepts. Hopefully it reaches its goal. (kickstarter.com)

Creating a Realistic Rain Effect with Canvas and JavaScript (flippinawesome.org)

Optimising UI icons for faster recognition (boxesandarrows.com)