Web Design Weekly #107


Safari on iOS 7 and HTML5: problems, changes and new APIs

Apple has rolled out iOS 7 and unfortuantley being a Web Developer things aren’t exactly perfect. In this post, Max Firtman explains the new APIs and most of the problems that you will need to deal with right now if you have a website or a webapp. (mobilexweb.com)

A Complete Guide to the Table Element

Chris Coyier has been up to his old tricks… This one is an epic article all about tables. Bookmark this bad boy! (css-tricks.com)

Node School — Learn Node.JS with interactive lessons (nodeschool.io)


Real Life Responsive Design

Luke Wroblewski’s notes on what Andy Hume learnt whilst working on a large scale responsive design project for The Guardian. (lukew.com)

Do as Little as Possible

Lyza Gardner has some wise words about the current mobile web. The main take away from this great article is that we should be careful that the pile of technical tasks required to get a decent site or app out the door doesn’t smother us entirely. (alistapart.com)

Addressing The Responsive Images Performance Problem

Responsive design for images is about optimising the process of serving images to users. In this article over on Smashing Magazine, Anders Andersen and Tobias Järlund share their responsive image techniques from which they implemented on one of their latest projects. (smashingmagazine.com)

Responsive Design and Bootstrap 3

Burke Holland details the new features and changes in Bootstrap 3 related to how it approaches responsive design. (flippinawesome.org)

Tools / Resources

Canvas Inspection using Chrome DevTools

In this article Paul Lewis explains how to debug your canvas work. The inspector supports both 2D and WebGL contexts, so no matter which one you’re using, you should be able to get useful debugging information straight away. (html5rocks.com)

Prototyping Swipe and Drag Gestures with Framer.js

Framer is a Javascript framework for prototyping interactions and animations for mobile and desktop apps. It’s a great alternative to Quartz Composer as it has a less steep learning curve and prototypes easily run both on desktop and the iPhone. (medium.com)

Image Compression for Web Developers

As images continue to be the largest part of webpage content, it’s critically important for web developers to take aggressive control of their image sizes and quality in order to deliver a faster, responsive site for their users. This article by Colt McAnlis provides a bit of reason, history, and techniques to understand and properly address image compression issues for your website. (html5rocks.com)

A visual guide to Sass & Compass Color Functions

This interactive post by Jackie Balzer should give you a greater understanding of how a number of Sass and Compass functions work to alter and manipulate colours. (jackiebalzer.com)

Normalising Designs For Better Quality CSS (youtube.com)

Break on Access — Helps debug JavaScript (github.com)

Yeoman generator for YUI Pure (github.com)

More maintainable Gruntfiles (thomasboyt.com)


No Managers: Why We Removed Bosses at Treehouse

Interesting post by Ryan Carson, the CEO of Treehouse on why they are giving employees 100% control of their time and letting them decide what they work on each day. Sounds like a good deal to me! (ryancarson.com)

Webstock Talks

If you didn’t happen to make it to Webstock early this year thankfully you can catch up on all the awesomeness! Talks from Chris Coyier, Jim Coudal, Aza Raskin and many more. Enjoy. (webstock.org.nz)

How to (de)construct an icosahedron (codepen.io)

Why should you work in the open? (blogs.adobe.com)

Last But Not Least…


A one day conference with workshops the day before, that will get your skills upgraded and inspire you at the same time. (convergerva.com)

First Websites

A dedicated tumblr to showcasing the wonderful world of first websites! (tumblr.com)

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