Web Design Weekly #106


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Coast by Opera

A new iPad based browser called Coast by Opera. Primarily designed for leisure surfing, the goal is invisible technology; the browser treats websites as apps, using gestures for navigation so that nothing gets in the way of an intuitive, full-screen experience. Well executed. (my.opera.com)

‘position:sticky’ lands in Gecko on Firefox Nightly (air.mozilla.org)

Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC (adobe.com)

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Responsive Image Workflow

In this post Boris Smus covers two responsive image workflows. Some nice tips and tricks. (smus.com)

Ellipse My Text…

Kyle Simpson over on the HTML5 Hub blog takes a look at all the ways ellipses can be accomplished and poses the questions to other browsers. Why can’t we standardised a multiline CSS solution like Opera? (html5hub.com)

Understanding ECMAScript 6 arrow functions

One of the most interesting new parts of ECMAScript 6 are arrow functions. Arrow functions are, as the name suggests, functions defined with a new syntax that uses an “arrow” => as part of the syntax. However, arrow functions behave differently than traditional JavaScript functions in a number of ways. Nicholas Zakas dives in and explains. (nczonline.net)

Client-side full-text search in CSS

Using data- attributes for indexation, and a dynamic stylesheet with a CSS3 selector for search, it is straightforward to implement a client-side full-text search in CSS rather than JavaScript. Intersting idea. (redotheweb.com)

CSS Length Explained

When styling a web site with CSS you might have realised that an inch on a screen is not an actual inch and a pixel is not necessarily an actual pixel. Have you ever figured out how to represent the speed of light in CSS pixels? (hacks.mozilla.org)

Web Performance

To be prepared for tomorrow’s problems, we have to include performance as an essential consideration as the Desktop-centered Web is disappearing before our eyes. (gorkamolero.com)

How to blog about code and give zero f*&#s (garann.com)

Tools / Resources

Introducing Harpoon

Harpoon is a financial planning and metrics app for freelance web designers and developers. Build a budget, set financial goals, schedule your projects, track your revenue, make more money, and take a vacation. Try it for free! (harpoonapp.com)

Frontend Security

Last week Mike West gave a talk at the Frontend Conference about client-side security. If you couldn’t attend, here it is. Great talk! (mikewest.org)

Internationalization API tips and tricks

David Storey shares some great tips and tricks about developing an API that will work around the globe. (generatedcontent.org)

Grunt Newer

Configure Grunt tasks to run with only those files modified since the last successful run. (github.com)

Jank Busters – Chrome Rendering Performance (youtube.com)

Learn some AngularJS with 5 examples (tutorialzine.com)

Is WebRTC ready yet? (iswebrtcreadyyet.com)

favico.js (lab.ejci.net)


Type Night

A Collection of Nightly Type & Hand-Lettering Explorations by Jan Cantor. (typenight.co)

The node.js community is quietly changing the face of Open Source (caines.ca)

Arcade Fire / Just a Reflektor (justareflektor.com)

Be nicer (pixxel.co)

Last But Not Least…

vLine — Cloud video chat powered by WebRTC

A pretty cool service using some rad tech. The team behind look like they are working hard, so no doubt we will be seeing some more cool stuff from them in the future! (vline.com)

The Shape of Design book is now free! (shapeofdesignbook.com)