Web Design Weekly #105


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Happy 7th Birthday Smashing Magazine! (smashingmagazine.com)


Progressive Enhancement: It Depends

Like any technique, progressive enhancement has specific use cases and can deliver specific benefits. Every architecture choice comes with tradeoffs and anyone who pretends there is a correct architecture for all situations needs a solid dose of pragmatism. (gist.io)

How to Work with Engineers

A cheat sheet for designers to make your life easier when working with engineers. A few take aways are — make sure your designs are complete, don’t just design for some idealised use case and get out of mock-fantasyland. Great read. (medium.com)

Fun with SASS & Font Icons

If you use SASS this is worth a read. Some interesting ideas to help when using icon fonts. (jaydenseric.com)

Beyond Flat

This article is primarily focused on mobile apps iOS & Android but still very applicable to the way design is going on the web. (jackg.org)

Good Designers, Good Clients

Client work has a reputation for being stressful, with clients being difficult and demanding. But Laura Kalbag thinks differently. She approaches client work as helping people realize their meaningful projects. Some good tips if you are a freelancer! (alistapart.com)

How Node.js Makes Network Code More Testable (bocoup.com)

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Tools / Resources

Favicon Cheat Sheet

A great resource that covers everything that you need to know about favicons and touch icons. (github.com)

JavaScript Library?

If you are starting a new JavaScript project and can’t decide where to start, this little project by Joe Maddalone should point you in the right direction. (javascriptoo.com)

A JavaScript Template Engine Chooser (github.com)

Easy CSS3 Generator (createcss3.com)

Safari Push Notifications (developer.apple.com)



A pretty cool HTML5 game which has funky beats and good graphics. (helloenjoy.com)

It’s Alive! My Node.js/Rasperry Pi powered aquarium (theoreticalideations.com)

GitHub Passion Projects – Jessica Hische (youtube.com)

From The Blog

A Better Git Commit (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

Bootstrap Performance using Telemetry

View metrics for each component over various versions of the Bootstrap framework. (nparashuram.com)

Introduction to Bower (egghead.io)