Web Design Weekly #102


Human Interest

Progressive enhancement has proven to be such a great strategy for the technical side of the web, so much so Trent Walton thinks we should take a similar approach for its personal side as well. I couldn’t agree more. (trentwalton.com)

WebKit now supports the srcset attribute

WebKit now supports the srcset attribute on image elements. This allows for higher-quality images for your users who have high-resolution displays, without penalising the users who don’t. Importantly, it also provides a graceful fallback for browsers that don’t yet support the feature. (webkit.org)

Firefox developer tools feature – Blackboxing (youtube.com)

JS Bin’s 5th birthday & news (remysharp.com)

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Job Titles in the Web Industry

In this post Chris Coyier looks at the different job titles our industry has. With so many variations he tries to find some consistency to their definitions. Also some really great comments so don’t forget to check them out. (css-tricks.com)

Using the WordPress Heartbeat API

WordPress 3.6 introduced a new API called the “WordPress Heartbeat”. This is the API that is behind a lot of the improvements in WordPress 3.6, including better revision tracking, user’s session management and more. (pippinsplugins.com)

Understanding Letters

In order to choose appropriate typefaces to set out beautiful passages of text, it helps if we have a baseline for what constitutes ‘appropriateness’. Dan Mall looks into the fundamental building block of typography: a letter. (blog.typekit.com)

Getting the Flow

If you’re serious about making magical products, enable your clients to build their own productivity and match challenges with skill. Don’t just be another vendor. Be a partner in getting projects to flow. (alistapart.com)

Some ECMAScript 5 goodness! (elijahmanor.com)

Tools / Resources

Building a Circular Navigation with CSS Transforms

A tutorial on how to create a circular navigation using CSS transforms by Sara Soueidan over on the Codrops blog. On a side note, Codrops is smashing out some awesome stuff of late, be sure to have a poke around! (tympanus.net)

OWL Carousel

Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel sliders. (owlgraphic.com)

CSS Prettifier

Most people today minify their CSS. This userscript or bookmarklet will become useful if you ever need to un-minify it. Super handy when checking out other people’s source. (github.com)

A Responsive Web Design Process (heliom.ca)

Gumbo – A pure-C HTML5 parser (github.com)

Imager.js (responsivenews.co.uk)


Understanding how you provide value

Taking the time to figure out how you provide value to a situation is a worthwhile pursuit. Once you understand that and come to grips with exactly why you are valuable, the rest is easy. Wise words by Nicholas Zakas. (nczonline.net)

Touch device jelly menu concept – CodePen

Some pretty awesome stuff happening behind the scenes in this scrolling concept. Be sure to dig around in the source. (codepen.io)

What 500 lines of CSS can do (css-tricks.com)

A few CSSConf 2013 Talks (cssconf.com)


Senior Front End Software Engineer at Rdio

Rdio is looking for front-end software engineers, mid and senior level. We typically take designs from the product team and implement them in a short time span, and are responsible for the quality of the features we ship. (rdio.com)

Designer at Treehouse

We’re looking for a talented designer to join the product design team. You’ll be working with a small, tight-knit group of designers to help us build beautiful, well-thought-out features for our product. You’ll be designing and building tools that allow our students to learn effectively and achieve their dreams. (teamtreehouse.com)

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Last But Not Least…

Speed Awareness Month (speedawarenessmonth.com)

git + webcam = lulz (github.io)