Web Design Weekly #10

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Issue #10, 2nd day of September 2011

Welcome to issue 10 of Web Design Weekly. Double figures “BOOOYAAAA”!! WDW just keeps on growing. Thanks all for passing on the kind words and don’t forget feedback is welcome. This week has some great articles focusing on the future. Enjoy!


The Future of Editing on The Web (ehsanakhgari.org)
Ehsan Akhgari wraps up a great meeting he had talking about the future of HTML editing APIs and how Gecko and Webkit browsers handle editing. The future is bright!

People of HTML5 – Divya Manian (mozilla.org)
You might of came across Divya because of her involvement in HTML5 readiness and HTML5 Boilerplate. She is also very much involved in the CSS standards working group.

Adaptive Images (adaptive-images.com)
Automatically adapts your existing HTML images for mobile devices. No mark-up changes needed. Just drop it in and forget about it. HOT!!

An interesting way of using Media Queries (boagworld.com)

Redesigning the Browser Window (antrop.se)


How To Test On Mobile Devices Without The Hardware (456bereastreet.com)
One problem with mobile web development is testing. Emulating or simulating a specific browser is definitely better than nothing, but what about entire mobile devices?

Graceful Degradation Pitfalls (onderhond.com)
Graceful degradation is no excuse to provide sub-optimal browsing experiences, and if by now the concept is too far gone, maybe it’s time to devaluate its meaning to just degradation and start pushing progressive enhancement once again.

Fluid Width Video (css-tricks.com)
With responsive and fluid layouts becoming the norm. Chris Coyier writes a great article on how to make your embedded videos also fluid.

Choose Your Web Fonts Wisely (elliotjaystocks.com)

Tools / Resources

A Modern, Lightweight Open-Source JavaScript Library for Interactive Maps (cloudmade.com)
Leaflet is a modern, lightweight JavaScript library for making tile-based interactive maps for both desktop and mobile web browsers, developed by CloudMade.

Cross Browser Testing. No Local Setup. No Maintenance! (browserstack.com)
An online way to test websites across all browsers with pre-installed debugging tools.

The Photoshop Etiquette for Web Designers (photoshopetiquette.com)
Get your PSDs in shape. Take pride in your craft. Teach others how to run a tight ship. Set the bar higher. Shake up your workplace. Know your tools. Be a PhotoShop King!

JPEG Mini (jpegmini.com)
Your photos on a diet! Reduce the file size of your photos by up to 5x, while keeping their original quality in JPEG format.

Hardening WordPress Security: 25 Essential Plugins + Tips (hongkiat.com)

Free HTML5 WordPress Themes and Theme Frameworks (wplift.com)

24 Free Baseline Grid Patterns (For Photoshop) (dribbble.com)

Patternizer – Everyone loves a good pattern (patternizer.com)


10 Beautiful Examples of Illustration on the Web (netmagazine.com)
As more and more graphic designers and illustrators gain web design skills, illustrations can increasingly be found on the web. UK designer Mike Kus showcases his 10 favourite examples of websites using illustration to enhance the user experience.

Podcasts / Videos

8 Ace Videos from Breaking Development (buildmobile.com)
Breaking Development focuses on new, emerging techniques for web development and design for mobile devices. Breaking Development is an emerging conference offering an interstellar lineup of speakers with an intimate atmosphere, capped at just 250 lucky attendees.

SitePoint Podcast with Chris Coyier (sitepoint.com)
Louis Simoneau interviews Chris Coyier who works for Wufoo and runs the website CSS-Tricks.com. Chris talks about the future of responsive design, his workflow and gives some great views on layouts.

Last But Not Least…

Content Management System Rap!