WDW #430

🗞 Highlights

First batch of color fonts arrives on Google fonts
Customize color palettes, add gradients, and more with COLRv1.
Sarah Daily (Typography)

Testing web design color contrast
An overview of three tools and techniques for testing and verifying accessible color contrast of your design.
Adam Argyle / Charlie Gleason (Design, Colouring, Accessibility)

Welcome to the new Verge
Verge redesign. New logo, color palette and typefaces.
Nilay Patel (Design, Inspiration)

Should I use a button or a link?
It’s important to understand how buttons and links differ. And while they both enable a user to perform different actions, that doesn’t make them the same element.
Ashlee M Boyer (Web Dev)

WebP images: What they are and how they are helpful
Get the lowdown on what WebP images are, and how they can help improve your site.
WebFlow (Photography, Optimization)

🛠 Tools / Code / Resources

The power of CSS blend modes
Scott discover how easily you can create something like an engraving or halftone photo filter using just a few lines of CSS.
Scott Vandehey  (CSS)

So your designer wants stuff to overlap
Before 2017, if you wanted your content to overlap, you had multiple options but all of them were tricky to implement. But then…
Hui Jing (Design, Dev)

How to (not) make a button
How to properly turn a div into a button, in case you ever need it.
Tomas Pustelnik (HTML)

The new wave of Javascript web frameworks
An article that talks about the of the proliferation of new Javascript web frameworks.
Frontend Mastery (Javascript)

👩‍💻 8 useful Javascript coding techniques that you should use

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